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WSP Word Meaning

WSP Word Meaning, Use and Example Sentence

Have you ever heard a phrase you’d like to say and then you just shift it and what comes out is something as dated as dial up internet? Type in ‘WSP’ the smooth, urban chic of the new age acronym that is spelling out casual greetings 2.0.

Whether it’s instant messaging your BFF, trying to date a person, or just writing an amusing message in an informal group chat, WSP is your buddy now. Not only is it a casual way of saying hello, it also sets the tone for conversations and can add a laid-back cool factor to any chat. Now it is high time to see the world of WSP and find out how three letters matter a lot in changing the types of greeting ‘Hello’.

What Does “WSP” Mean?

The term “WSP” isn’t a simple abbreviation of “What’s Up”; it’s a call, a phrase, a language jive of the contemporary world. For instance, although WSP originally means “What are you doing,” its meaning goes deeper than that. In the ocean of dialogues that now are a part of interpersonal communication “WSP” is the symbolic hand shake, the nod in the internet. It’s a call to engage, a statement of being there and a trigger of voice

Who Uses “WSP”?

WSP” is used by people of different ages, mostly it is used when people text or chat on social networks. It is casual and informal and can be used to greet people or just to chat with friends and or relatives. Also, it can also be noticed in the social networks, podcasted comments and posts.

Where Does “WSP” Come From?

WSP is an acronym that replaces the phrase “What’s up?” and it is used in casual conversations particularly over the internet. It began circa the year 2000 since the popularization of text messaging, and internet chat rooms where people were limited to minimum character use. Most people know it as a relatively recent and informal way of expressing oneself that has increased with the use of smartphone messaging applications and social media networks.

The Suitable Way to Use

Here are some tips for using “WSP” effectively:

Know Your Audience

Use “WSP” with people you have a relaxed relationship with. It’s less formal than “How are you?” and best suited for casual interactions.

Timing Matters

It’s very useful when you want to begin a conversation or when you want to talk with someone you haven’t communicated with for a long time, but be careful to send it at the right time then the recipient will be more likely to attend to the message immediately.

Follow Up

WSP” is an example of an opener, so the continuity of the conversation with the responder should show real interest in what he said.

Keep It Light

Conclusively it’s good for vague or casual communication and not so good for matters that require urgency or are serious in nature.

In the Example Sentence

Here’s some example of how you can use “WSP” in sentence:

  • Send a WSP to check on your plans for the weekend.
  • Just got a funny WSP from my friend; made my day!
  • Can you WSP me the details of the meeting agenda?

More Terms WSP

There’re many other terms of “WSP” that are used in Text or Chat. Let’s take a look at a few!

AbbreviationFull Form
BRBBe Right Back
OMGOh My God
BTWBy The Way
LOLLaugh Out Loud
ICYMIIn Case You Missed It
IMOIn My Opinion
IDKI Don’t Know
NVMNever Mind
TTYLTalk To You Later
ROFLRolling On the Floor Laughing

WSP” may seem like a newly coined phrase in the digital culture but actually has been around since the time the use of ‘texting’ was getting familiar with the masses. This may be an old abbreviation, and yet, it is still active, and we use it in the flow of our developing social media language.

It’s always possible to understand “WSP” and such a space reserving method is just a shortcut that eliminates extra movements of the fingers on the keyboard. In today’s digital world filled with opportunities and stressful working environments, it’s the best bet that captures the essence of a quick message.

Like with any kind of discourse, it is all about setting. As mentioned with the abbreviation “WSP”, it is a common practice to use it as a friendly greeting; however, it is noteworthy that this abbreviation may be interpreted differently depending on whether there is any prior relationship between the sender and recipient of the message. It’s very important always to bear in mind the content and the mood of the conversation in order to avert any possible confusion.


In the world where technology seems to be the only way forward and advancements are taking place at the speed of light, “WSP” is a strong value that symbolizes the unity of people with similar ideas and visions. It isn’t just an abbreviation but it’s meaning, power and people’s voice that people may want to speak up to all those who can aim high.

So the next time you listen to “WSP”? don’t just put it off as a harassment or a question; it’s an opportunity to start a journey of shared experiences and exchange of information in the realm of communication. Also, thanks a lot for reading this post from the depth of the heart.

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