Essential Guidelines In the Form of 30 Best Metaphors For Fast

Metaphors For Fast

List of 30 Metaphors for Fast In Figurative Language All Around

It is fascinating how metaphors are powerful tools that bring fine ideas to life by using familiar life experiences. When it comes to expressing the ideas of speed and fastness, we often move toward the metaphors that suggest quickness and rapidness.

If you are interested to know how to apply these metaphors in your daily life; read this article word to word with full attention, because this article is full of knowledge and information with metaphors for fast and includes expressions and signs for each.

Now, we will delve into the meanings behind various metaphors related to fast, let’s start.

 Metaphors For Fast

1. “Bat out of Hell”

Meaning: Someone moving rapidly.

In the Example Sentence: He ran on the road like a bat out of hell and reached his goal of life.

2. “Quick a wink”

Meaning: Blinking rapidly to indicate a signal.

In the Example Sentence: She made a quick wink and went away smiling.

3. “Swift as an Arrow”

Meaning: Swiftly, quickly, at a high speed.

In the Example Sentence: He moved forward swiftly as an arrow.

Swift as an Arrow

4. “A Tidal Wave is a Roaring Lion”

Meaning: Tidal wave symbolizes the quickness and roar shows the powerlessness of something.

In the Example Sentence: The committee performed well in the conference indicating the tidal wave of a roaring lion.

5. “A Hive of Swarming Bees”

Meaning: Bees work collectively indicating the power and rapidness of group work.

In the Example Sentence: The children played in a hive of swarming bees and won the match.

6. “Descending Butterflies”

Meaning:  Butterflies move rapidly due to their wings. Indicate the speed.

In the Example Sentence: He reached home quickly like descending butterflies.

7. “Time is a Soaring Eagle”

Meaning: Time waits for no one, and its speed is uncountable.

In the Example Sentence: Don’t waste your time playing games because time is a soaring eagle.

8. “A Speedy Snake”

Meaning: Snake is remarkable for its fast speed.

In the Example Sentence: During the race, he became a speedy snake due to his fast racing speed.

9. “A Galloping Horse”

Meaning: Progressing uncontrollably.

In the Example Sentence: He becomes a galloping horse during his duty time.

A Galloping Horse

10. “A Blur of Activity”

Meaning: Things that happen so quickly that they mix up making the whole blur.

In the Example Sentence: During all those incidents he became a blur of activity, made my life purposeless.

11. “A Racecar On the Track”

Meaning: Having very fast speed like a racer’s car.

In the Example Sentence: The construction of this car ended with a racer car on the track.

12. “A Speeding Train”

Meaning: Very fast.

In the Example Sentence: He did his homework with a speedy train.

 13. “A Gust of Wind”

Meaning: Rush of air.

In the Example Sentence: A sudden wind blew before us, muddying the gust surroundings.

14. “A Streak of Light

Meaning: A flash of light.

In the Example Sentence: As I looked upward in the sky, a streak of light of sun fell upon my face.

A Streak of Light

15. “A Sonic Boom”

Meaning: Moving so fast as sound travels fast.

In the Example Sentence: The technology is making progress by a sonic boom.

16. “A Blur”

Meaning: Moving so rapidly making everything indistinct.

In the Example Sentence: The years are passing by blur nowadays.

17. “A Whirlwind”

Meaning: Instant, rapid and impulsive.

In the Example Sentence: She was attending a whirlwind of parties.

18. “A Flash in the Pan”

Meaning: A sudden but brief success that is not repeated.

In the Example Sentence: My job career was a flash in the pan, successful but short-lived.

19. “Rocket Taking Off”

 Meaning: Extremely rapid and powerful like the engine of a rocket.

In the Example Sentence: He successfully passed the exam taking off a rocket.

20. “A Bullet from Gun”

Meaning: Extremely fast and powerful like a gun.

In the Example Sentence: He beats the thief a bullet from a gun.

A Bullet from Gun

21. “A Cheetah on the Hunt”

Meaning: Fast and quick.

In the Example Sentence: The player played football with a cheetah on the hunt.

22. “Bolt Of Lightning”

Meaning:  A quickly fast phenomenon like the speed of lightning, rapidly.

In the Example Sentence: Her response to the outing was a bolt of lightning.

23. “Sprinting like a Gazelle”

Meaning: Running at a world record pace to break all the records.

In the Example Sentence: He was like a sprinting gazelle and broke all the previous records of class.

24. “Speeding Like Tornado”

Meaning: Tornado is a fast speed and powerful symbolizing strength.

In the Example Sentence: The engineer’s speed was like Tornado and built the building very fast.

 25. “Greased Lightning”

Meaning: Having high speed and smoothness.

In the Example Sentence: The air balloon greased lightning on the beach.

26. “Zooming a Jet Plane”

Meaning: Something moving rapidly like the wind.

In the Example Sentence: He was zooming a jet plane during the dance.

Zooming a Jet Plane

27. “Quick as Quicksilver”

Meaning: Unpredictable in movement.

In the Example Sentence: Her actions at the party were as quick as quicksilver.

28. “Flash of Inspiration”

Meaning: Something that provides you a way of rapid thoughts.

In the Example Sentence: Her pure and innocent thoughts provide me with a flash of inspiration.

29. “Rapid as Heartbeat”

Meaning: Showing the element of fastness.

In the Example Sentence: She completed the household affairs rapidly as the heartbeat.

30. “Spreading like a Comet

Meaning: Moving so fast like a comet.

In the Example Sentence: He crossed the road as spreading like a comet.


“Time flies”,” time is running out”, and” the future is approaching”, “don’t waste time,” these are some common metaphors that suggest the rapidness of time in our lives.

Some animals refer to the lazy metaphors slug, sloth, and green grasshopper. We can use these animals for lazy vs rapid skills.


Metaphors have a unique distinctive way of making the abstract concept of speed appreciable and relatable. They make us able to describe the fleetness of various phenomena and the experiences that resonate with human shared experiences. Whether it is descending butterflies, quick a wink, or swift as an arrow, these metaphors enable us to communicate and enhance the language.

We tried our best to teach you about the metaphors for fast in very easy words. After this, if you find any difficulty while understanding anything in this article, you can share your problem in the comment section given below. Thanks a lot for reading this article.

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