Useful 30 Similes for Children or Kids in School

Similes for Children

Interpretations And Appreciation 30 Similes for Children

Do you know that children are clear of heart? Also, children are found in a universe with a lot of nature. If you want to know their nature, so read this article carefully, because it consists of the best similes for children with great ability.

Make sure and keep memories that similes are like the paintbrushes of language, adding impact, beauty and depth to our words.

Let’s explore these similes which each shine a light on the delightful nature of children.

Similes for Children

1. “As Hungry as a Wolf”

Meaning: To be extremely craving food after doing a lot of work.

In the Example Sentence: Churchill felt very hungry as a wolf, because he was playing in the marriage ceremony the whole day.

2. “As Curious as a Cat”

Meaning: To be investigative and analytical.

In the Example Sentence: His younger son is as curious as a cat, always asking questions to everybody with great intelligence.

As Curious as a Cat

3. “As Strong as an Ox”

Meaning: To be the owner of great physical strength.

In the Example Sentence: Jack is strong as an ox because he can catch a lot of shopping bags at a time.

4. “As Round as a Ball”

Meaning: To be a perfectly circular shape in features.

In the Example Sentence: When she was healthy and fat, her cheeks were round in shape like a ball and  everybody pulled it.

5. “As Delicious as Honey”

Meaning: To be delectable and graceful.

In the Example Sentence: When she’s laughing, her smile is as sweet as honey which impresses everybody.

6. “As Daring as a Lion Cub”

Meaning: To explore the world without any arduous or fear.

In the Example Sentence: His younger son is ready to go school as daring as a lion club.

7. “As Spirited as a Wild Horse”

Meaning: Free-spirited and unbridled

In the Example Sentence: Their play was as spirited as a wild horse, unrestrained and full of life.

8. “As beauty as Moon”

Meaning: To be beautiful on an extreme level.

In the Example Sentence: After bathing, Elon is feeling fresh and her beauty is like the moon.

9. “As Bright as a Star”

Meaning: To be very brilliant and mysterious.

In the Example Sentence: His fate is bright as a star which he wants to get, so get him.

As Bright as a Star

10. “As Quiet as a Mouse”

Meaning: To be very silent to progress.

In the Example Sentence: They wait for their success or progress after a lot of their efforts like a quiet mouse.

11. “As Smooth as Silk”

Meaning: To be gentle, smooth and flat.

In the Example Sentence: Jan has smooth skin as silk because she keeps care of her skin.

12. “As Tall as a Giraffe”

Meaning: To become tall at an extreme level.

In the Example Sentence: Tony’s height is very tall as a giraffe, sometimes he faces a lot of problems like entering a short door’s room.

13. “As Gentle as a Dove”

Meaning: It is a sign of tenderness and compassion.

In the Example Sentence: When her mother was suffering with high fever, she and her younger sister took care of her mother like a gentle dove.

 14. “As Adventurous as a Pirate”

Meaning: Having very brave and fearless

In the Example sentence: Jackal takes interest to analyze the more knowledge-able things like adventurous pirates.

As Adventurous as a Pirate

15. “As Loud as Thunder”

Meaning: To be able to talk in a loud voice.

In the Example Sentence: She is very brave and honorable to prove herself right because she has a loud voice as a thunder.

16. “As Loyal as a Dog”

Meaning: It gives proof of the loyalty of someone.

In the Example Sentence: His friend is loyal with him as a dog which is always with him in every condition like bad or happy conditions.

17. “As Red as a Cherry”

Meaning: Cheeks to become blushed.

In the Example Sentence: When everybody compliments him on his success, his cheeks are red as a cherry.

18. “As Big as a House”

Meaning: To be enormous in size.

In the Example: The cake of 12th birthday of Timmy is so big as a house, which was looking a totally different look in party.

19. “As Boundless Deep as the Ocean”

Meaning: Someone has the ability of unlimited imagination.

In the Example Sentence: Her imagination of learning is so dip boundless deep as the ocean.

20. “As Quick as a Flash”

Meaning: Having fast speed and full-active.

In the Example Sentence: Children ran as quick as a flash to watch cartoons from the academy.

21. “As Light as a Feather”

Meaning: To be very less in weight.

In the Example Sentence: She is feeling light as a feather after recovery of disease.

22. “As Busy as a Bee”

Meaning: To be stuck in many works at a time.

In the Example Sentence: when he came to know that guests will come at home tomorrow, he thought that he will be very busy as a bee.

23. “As Innocent as a New Bloom”

Meaning: Spotless and authentic.

In the Example Sentence: When children ask questions, they look innocent as a new bloom.

As Innocent as a New Bloom

24. “As Clean as a Whistle”

Meaning: Very clean from the stain.

In the Example Sentence: His room looks very clean as a whistle, because he’s doing to clear and rearrange his room the whole day.

25. “As Slow as a Snail”

Meaning: It’s used for signs of slow movement or speed.

In the Example Sentence: Those children who don’t come to school to learn, they are waiting for the school bell to ring, because time feels to pass for them like a slow snail.

 26. “As Sly as a Fox”

Meaning: Being clever, cunning, and quick-witted.

In Example Sentence: He suggests to sly as a fox  during fighting.

As Sly as a Fox

27. “As Joyful as a Songbird”

Meaning: To be exuberant and expressive.

In the Example Sentence: When he sings a song for his wife, his voice is as joyful as a songbird.

28. “As Sweet as Candy”

Meaning: Very nectarous and delicious of nature.

In the Example Sentence: She cooks cookies which are as sweet as candy.

29. “As Bright as a Morning Sun”

Meaning: Filled with great ability of shining

In the Example Sentence: His younger daughter’s face color is so bright as a sun, which spread light all around.

30. “As Playful as a Summer Breeze”

Meaning: To be anxious and cheerful.

In the Example Sentence: Yesterday, when i went to park, i saw that Jimi was as playful as a summer breeze, enjoying a lot.


Your child will be used to hearing similes from books, together with a range of adjectives or able to explain words. Also, they’ll start to use these similes in their writing.


Furthermore, similes for children can be the best way to improve their writing and helpful for them to understand how to use these similes on a daily basis. These can help them bring a sense of imagination and creativity to the words we use to explain the world around us.

Now, we hope that this article has provided you with some new and interesting similes that you can use in your own writing or with your kids. At last, don’t forget to share your problems in the comments below, if you have any issues in understanding. We’ll try our best to overcome your problem on time. Also, thanks for reading.

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