30 Metaphors For Weather Conceptualization as Career Metaphor

Metaphors For Weather

30 Metaphors For Weather and Climate That Bring Dynamic Impact

Have you ever been familiar with the changing weather that has an alternate effect on our lives? Metaphors for weather are being used to illustrate this alternative climate, whether it’s the gentleness of a sunny day or the thundering embrace of a thunderstorm. Here are some metaphors about weather that add a touch of color to our conversation.

 In this article, we’ll embark on a colorful presentation of expression that depicts a vivid picture of the weather in pupils’ minds.

Metaphors For Weather

1. “Cloud Burst”

Meaning: Significant of a sudden and a very strong rainfall.

In the Example Sentence: The street was looking like a stream due to an earlier cloud burst.

2. “Weather is a Sunny Interval”

Meaning: The sunshine period is shorter than half of the forecast period.

In the Example Sentence: Let’s make fun with most of the sunny intervals before the clouds come back.

3. “Weather is Drizzle”

Meaning: Light rain falling in fine drops gradually.

In the Example Sentence:  There may be some drizzle in the town later so we should leave the town as soon as possible.

4. “A Foggy Day”

Meaning: Misty and smoggy day.

In the Example Sentence: On cold and foggy days, we will be above the clouds and will enjoy the scenes.

A Foggy Day

5. “Overcast Sky”

Meaning: A sky that is fully covered with clouds leaving no space for sun rays to come.

In the Example Sentence: It was an overcast sky and a cold wind was blowing from the east as we reached there.

6. “To Shoot the Breeze”

Meaning: Spend time in unimportant talks.

In the Example Sentence: We sat around on the ground, shooting the breeze for many hours after a long time.

7. “Windfall”

Meaning: A huge amount of money received or won unexpectedly.

In the Example Sentence: I’ve recently come into a windfall because good luck is in my hands now.

8. “Dry Spell”

Meaning: A period when there is no rain, a period of little or no activity.

In the Example Sentence: Jack was leading a dry spell before having a good job but now he is leading a good life due to a good job.

9. “Cloud on Horizon”

Meaning: A problem that can appear in the future.

In the Example Sentence: We’re sailing towards the horizon because there was a group of sharks before us in the form of danger.

Cloud on Horizon

10. “Cloud Nine”

Meaning: A state of great pleasure.

In the Example Sentence: Last night when our family went to her house, she’s been on cloud nine since she got an appointment letter for a job.

11. “It’s a Stormy Day”

Meaning: Tempestuous and stormy day with difficulties in life.

In the Example Sentence: Although, we’re in the stormy days of our lives still we’re hoping best, because we believe in God’s will.

12. “It’s a Sunny Day”

Meaning: Bright, beautiful, and happy day of life.

In the Example Sentence: After a long period of hardships and struggles of life finally, the sunny days have come in my life.

 13. “Frosty Morning”

Meaning: Very Intense cold with frosty snow and difficult days of life.

In the Example Sentence: Albert was a jolly man but after the frosty morning came into his life, he became a serious man.

14. “Windy Gale”

Meaning: A very strong blow of wind like a hurricane.

In the Example Sentence: When there was a strong wind outside, a gale blew indoors and everything became scattered.

15. “Harsh Thunderstorm”

Meaning: A heavy rain with lightning.

In the Example Sentence: There was a strong thunderstorm in the forest during the camping and we had to move on from there.

Harsh Thunderstorm

16. “Strong Snowstorm”

Meaning: A heavy snowfall, especially with high wind.

In the Example Sentence: The highway was blocked due to a snowstorm and thus we’re not able to reach on time.

17. “The Cloudless Sky”

Meaning: Clear weather having no clouds in the sky.

In the Example Sentence: We went for a picnic with the whole family due to the cloudless sky and enjoyed a lot till evening.

18. “A Chilly Day”

Meaning: Noticeably cold day.

In the Example Sentence: Bundle up your luggage because it’s a chilly day and even the wind cuts through like a knife.

19. “A Gusty Wind”

Meaning: Blustering and stormy moving air.

In the Example Sentence: A gusty wind blew before he entered the garden and everything was there disorganized.

20. “Weather is a Sunny Spell”

Meaning: A short period of sunshine between rain and overcast skies.

In the Example Sentence: There is a chance of a sunny spell in the North so we should avoid traveling there.

21. “Raining Cats and Dogs”

Meaning: Heavily raining.

In the Example Sentence: As we reached there, it was raining cats and dogs, and everything drained in the water.

22. “Weather is a Scorcher”

Meaning: Sweltering hot and sunny day.

In the Example Sentence: My friend went into unconsciousness as it was a scorcher today and became dehydrated.

23. “Cold Blizzard”

Meaning: Heavy snowfall as a snowstorm with strong wind.

In the Example Sentence: The blizzard made it impossible to see more than a few feet, we couldn’t travel anymore.

24. “It’s Clear as Bell”

Meaning: Fine, clear, and cloudless sky.

In the Example Sentence: We played the match as it was clear as a bell and enjoyed it a lot after the wintry frost.

 25. “A Cold Snap”

Meaning: A sudden fall in temperature.

In the Example Sentence: We have to reach as soon as possible because there is a cold snap before us.

A Cold Snap

26. “Hot & Muggy”

Meaning: Sign of steamy, humid and hot weather.

In the Example Sentence: We enjoyed a lot in the muggy weather, humid and hot, and spent a week there.

27. “Heat Wave”

Meaning: A period of abnormally hot weather.

In the Example Sentence: Many regions have suffered from sudden heat waves and a lot of people were affected.

28. “Cold Whiteout”

Meaning: A dense blizzard or snowstorm making invisible vision.

In the Example Sentence: Blowing snow created whiteout conditions for drivers so they couldn’t drive anymore.

29. “Showery Downpour”

Meaning: Torrent of rain.

In the Example Sentence: We have to wait for the downpour to stop before we go outside from the car.

30. “Stormy Deluge”

Meaning: Cloudburst and heavy rainfall.

In the Example Sentence: The bicyclists got soaked to the skin in the deluge.

Stormy Deluge


The most commonly used metaphors for warmth are as follows: “It’s roasting out there”, “It’s boiling out there”, and “It’s the dog day of summer”.

Good weather is often used to represent good mood or good luck, similarly, bad weather belongs to sadness and unpleasant situations. Therefore, weather is often used as a metaphor.


Metaphors for weather add a deep vividness to our conversation about the ever-changing natural world. From stormy days to heat waves, these metaphors represent the vivid descriptions we find in our daily weather conditions. So, when you go outside after reading these metaphors about weather, consider which metaphor best captures the moment of life. Thanks a lot for reading.

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