Popular 30 Idioms for Best Friend – Friendship English Idioms

Idioms for Best Friend

30 Idioms for Best Friend – A Variety of Ways to Describe Friends

In start, when you’re confused about whether your friend is sensor with you or not. At that time these Popular Idioms and Proverbs about Friendships might not make much sense but with a little time and effort, when you know about close relations, these idioms help to introduce them with family members.

Life is made so energetic with Few good friends, everyone enjoys it a lot. That’s why we need a lot of “idioms for best friends” to describe a friend ‘s relationship in special words or feelings.

Here are 30 English idioms to help you describe your friendships with impact meaning.

Idioms for Best Friend

1. “A Shoulder to Cry on”

Meaning: It is used for a friend who would always be ready, to silent you when you tear of blood.

In the Example Sentence: He is a good listener who always listens to the hopeless stories of his friends, and gives a shoulder to cry on.

“A Shoulder to Cry on”

2. “A Friend in Need is a Pain in the Neck”

Meaning: This idiom is used for that friend who needs some help at all times or in every work. This friend can create a huge issue for you.

In the Example Sentence: Everyone knows him in our friend group, as a friend in need which has a pain in the neck, but a pain in the neck is better than no neck at all.

3. “Through Thick and Thin”

Meaning: Basically, it shows a condition which means that the ups and down of a situation is a part of life. In short, best friends should always support each other in good and bad times.

In the Example Sentence: Despite facing financial difficulties, Julia and Bella stayed true to their friendship and supported each other through thick and thin.

4. “To Strike Up a Friendship”

Meaning: This is used for a friend who befriends someone else even if it is yours, but you don’t like his  new friendship.

In the Example Sentence: He feels very upset after knowing that someone struck up his friendship.

5. “As Thick as Thieves”

Meaning: This idiom is used for a friend who is loyal with us in all matters of life like family members. Also, who can do everything for you.

In the Example Sentence: She is very innocent and my best friend is thick as thieves.

6. “Friends in High Places”

Meaning: It means that to become a friendship with a very powerful person and rich person, but not include personal benefit in this becoming friendship. In short, the friendship should be totally loyal without any benefit.

In the Example Sentence: They become crazy friends in high places.

7. “Two Peas in a Pod”

Meaning: This idiom is used for a friend whose keep as totally nature as you. When we spend a lot of time with him, we gradually begin to behave like him in certain situations.

In the Example Sentence: Jessica and I are such crazy friends like two peas in a pod.

“Two Peas in a Pod”

8. “To Bury the Hatchet”

Meaning: It means that sometimes, even battles happen between some closest friends. In this situation, when you want to stop your fight or solve this battle, you use this idiom.

In the Example Sentence: In our classroom, two closest friends solved their matter by saying to bury the hatchet.

9. “To Be on the Same Wavelength”

Meaning: It is used for those friends who have a similar way of thinking or understanding.

In the Example Sentence: After passing the matrix exam, both friends are on the same wavelength.

10. “At Odds with Someone”

Meaning: This idiom is used for friends from which you have some controversy, inequality, or chances.

In the Example Sentence: The director and the artist were always at odds while making that short film.

11. “Man’s Best Friend”

Meaning: People use this idiom for dogs because some people like to become friends with dogs because dogs are our sensor and best loyal friends.

In the Example Sentence: During a forest trip, Ahmad saw a dog and said about this dog is the best man’s friend.

12. “Make Friends”

Meaning: Mothers use this idiom for their kids because they know the loneliness of her kids completely.

In the Example Sentence: When Jessica comes to school for the first time, his mother says to the teacher that she hopes very well that Jessica makes new friends quickly.

13. “Close-Knit”

Meaning: This is used for a group of friends who look like a family. In fact, such friendships are rare and should be cherished.

In the Example Sentence: our group of friends are very famous in the whole class like best close-knit relatives.

 14. “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”

Meaning: This idiom is one of the famous idioms and it means that a true friend is someone who is always present to help at all times.

In the example Sentence: He says that Ali is a very close friend of his like a friend in need is a friend indeed.

15. “To Have a Heart-to-Heart”

Meaning: This idiom describes the special conversation or discussion that happens between close friends.

In the Example Sentence: She define to have a heart-to-heart of her crazy friend.

“To Have a Heart-to-Heart”

16. “Friend to All is a Friend to None”

Meaning: It means that if you’ll try to make everybody happy, you can lose your real friend.

In the Example Sentence: Once you get in a habit of agreeing with everyone’s opinion just to avoid conflict, you resonate with the saying a friend to all is a friend to none.

17. “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”

Meaning: Basically, this idiom is used for a group of friends which keeps the same characteristics or same ambitions.

In the Example Sentence: The group of girls in 9th class has similar common traits or hobbies as birds of a feather flock together.

“Birds of a Feather Flock Together”

18. “Ride or Die”

Meaning: It is used for friends who are always with you, and these friends can die for you or kill someone for you, because their friendship has reached an end stage or crazy mood.

In the Example Sentence: In the movie “The Fast and the Furious”, the character Dominic Toretto says to his friend Brian O’Conner as his “ride or die”

19. “The Yin To My Yang”

Meaning: It is used for a friend when you want to make him realize that he is one of your closest friends.

In the Example: Julia is the yin to my yang: who is always with me in every time.

20. “Build bridges”

Meaning: It means to build massive friendships.

In the Example Sentence: On the first day of college, the head of the college publishes an ice-breaking game to build bridges  with his new comer students.

21. “Partner in Crime”

Meaning: It is used for that friend which fully supports you in your mischievous or illegal activities with.

In the Example Sentence: They felt so shameful that everybody knows that they’re partners in the illegal drug trade.

22. “Know Someone Inside Out”

Meaning: It can also be used to describe how well one knows someone.

In the Example Sentence: Micheal tried full to hide his hopelessness but he also clearly knows that I know him inside out.

23. “Frenemy”

Meaning: This idiom is one of the famous idioms that are used for those friends you are friendly with or pretend to like but perhaps have a rivalry with.

In the Example Sentence: He shows that Micheal is his bosom friend but in reality he is his frenemy.

24. “Speak the Same Language”

Meaning: It means that to understand each other very clearly.

In the Example Sentence: They’re totally different by nature wise but when it comes to study both speak the same language.

25. “Get on Like a House on Fire”

Meaning: It is used for those friends who like each other a lot and are ready to become best friends fastly.

In the Example Sentence: During the dinner party, two old friends Get on like a house on fire and are very surprised to see each other.

 26. “To Have Each Other’s Back”

Meaning: It means that when you are sick, your close friend is always ready here to protect you.

In the Example Sentence: I know that I could always believe in my bosom friend, Julia, to have her back, no matter what.

27. “Brother from Another Mother”

Meaning: This idiom is used for a friend who keeps not a relation with you, due to blood differences. Basically, this idiom often tries to speak between men.

In the Example Sentence: In the TV show “How I Met Your Mother”, one character of man speaks for his friend “brother from another mother”.

28. “Bosom Buddies”

Meaning: It means that you can share your personal secret without any format with your believable friend.

In the Example Sentence: I feel they’re bosom buddies because I listen to their gossip.

29. “In the Same Boat”

Meaning: It means that friends have faced similar challenges to reach the goal of their life, also which make their friendship better.

In the Example Sentence: Both class mate were struggling to achieve ambition, so they realize that they ride on the same boat.

“In the Same Boat”

30. “BFF (Best Friends Forever)”

Meaning: This idiom is also called an acronym which is used to describe many close friends. Basically, this is used in teenage girls, but it can be used by everybody.

In the Example Sentence: In the movie “Mean Girls”, the character Gretchen Wieners refers to her friends as her “BFFs”.


The word friendship is a relation which connects two people of the same nature emotionally. Also, they’re the people we rely on when we need support or advice. In Short, friendship is one of the most essential parts of our life because friends make our life better, and always stay with us no matter what happens.

Yes, there are a few idioms that describe crazy friends. One of them is “off one’s rocker,” which means someone is acting crazy or irrational. Another one is “a few fries short of a Happy Meal,” which means someone is not very smart or is acting foolishly

A day out with your close friend is one of the most fun things you can do. You can do everything whatever you should do like you can share your feelings and make some memories in the form of a special photo shoot.


On Last, whether you want to describe crazy friendship in  terms of idioms or you want to give an essential message about friendship. These idioms play an essential role to help you in this situation. Now, this saying willn’t wrong that the English Language is truly rich in idioms and metaphors. 

Furthermore, we tried our best to give a huge collection of idioms for best friends with the help of this article. Now, it totally depends on you how you use these idioms in daily life and also gain benefit from them. Also, thanks for reading.

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