Impressive 30 Idioms About Feeling Sickness

Idioms About Feeling Sickness

Learn 30 Idioms About Feeling Sickness And Unfit

If you want to learn about figurative language, or just you want to understand these common phrases better, this article is for you. Because it consists of best idioms about feeling sickness which can prove very important in future.

In short, this expression can be a challenging but full of fun aspect of language to learn and usage. It can also help you understand others better to his talk.

Now, we’ll be discussing idioms that are commonly used to explain being illness or unhealthy. So, be concentrate:

Idioms About Feeling Sickness

1. “To Feel Out Of Sorts”

Meaning: To feel a little bit ill.

In the Example Sentence: Ending from marriage of my elder brother, i felt out of sorts for most of the day because most of the works were handed over to me.

2. “Be Sick And Tired Of”

Meaning: To be angry and bored because something unpleasant has been happening for a long time.

In the Example Sentence: Admen had irritation from everything like being sick and tired of his up-downs of his life.

3. “As Sick As A Parrot”

Meaning: Basically means to be very annoyed.

In the Example Sentence: He wanted to buy a new bike but he didn’t afford it because his father’s income was so low. On the other hand, he was as sick as a parrot when his uncle’s son told him that he had just purchased a new bike.

“As Sick As A Parrot”

4. “Black Out”

Meaning: To lose consciousness due to disease.

In the Example Sentence: Chicken pox is such disease in which usually person black out.

5. “To Feel Like Death Warmed Up”

Meaning: To feel extremely awful.

In the Example Sentence: During  her pregnancy, she felt like death warmed up for him.

6. “To Feel Under The Weather”

Meaning: Not feeling very fine.

In the Example Sentence: He went to work but did not feel well. He went home early as he was feeling under the weather.

7. “To Be At Death’s Door”

Meaning: To be really unwell.

In the Example Sentence: When i was sitting near my parents, everybody was talking about grandad that he is at death’s door because he can walk arduously and talk now.

8. “Bitter Pill To Swallow”

Meaning: An unpleasant fact that one must accept.

In the Example Sentence: His father felt unhealthy and not able to take a bitter pill because he lost from his job recently.

9. “Feeling Peaked”

Meaning: Feeling weak or unwell.

In the Example Sentence: After recovery from Malaria, Charli is feeling peaked.

10. “To Move One’s Bowels”

Meaning: To go to the bathroom to defecate.

In the Example Sentence: Jimi doesn’t move his bowels sometimes, due to constipation.

11. “Green Around the Gills”

Meaning:  To look sick.

In the Example Sentence:  When he ate spicy food, he got green tonsils around the gills. That’s why, he takes breath arduously.

12. “To Have the Chills”

Meaning: To have the body be hot with a fever, yet to feel very cold.

In the Example Sentence: When I had dengue fever almost 104 degrees in Malaysia, and had started the chills at the same time.

“To Have the Chills”

13. “Be up and about”

Meaning: Recover from an illness.

In the Example Sentence: My grandmother was in bed due to sickness, but she’s been up after recovery about this morning.

 14. “To Break Out in a Cold Sweat”

Meaning: To begin to sweat all of a sudden due to being sick.

In the Example Sentence: When he beat his youngest sister without any reason. At the same time, he thought about his father’s anger, so he broke out in a cold sweat, because he feared his father.

15. “Go Under the Knife”

Meaning: Ready for treatment.

In the Example Sentence: Her father thought by eating a suitable diet, he would recover his gallbladder inflammation, but not so do, and so now he will have to go under the knife.

16. “Take a Turn for the Worse”

Meaning: Become more ill.

In the Example Sentence: Unfortunately, her health has taken a turn for the worse.

17. “Under Anesthesia”

Meaning: To be made chemically unconscious by a medic.

In the Example Sentence: He told me that you don’t understand anything that happens to you when you’re under anesthesia.

“Under Anesthesia”

18. “Splitting Headache”

Meaning: To get a very bad headache.

In the Example Sentence: She has had a splitting headache all week due to depression and high blood pressure.

19. “Going To Be Sick”

Meaning: This idiom that’s used to indicate that someone is going to throw up because of illness or some medical condition.

In the Example Sentence: The mother is so worried because her kids were going on an outing for sailing. She looks like she’s going to be sick.

20. “In Bad Shape”

Meaning: In bad physical condition.

In the Example Sentence: She has a high fever. That’s why she is in bad shape because she hasn’t completely recovered from fever.

21. “To Knock Someone For Six”

Meaning: An illness (or perhaps bad news) that really affects somebody.

In the Example Sentence: Yesterday, he wasn’t feeling well and had to go to the doctor for a check up who told him that he got cancer, this news really knocked him for six.

22. “To Puke One’s Guts Out”

Meaning: To vomit and throw up a lot.

In the Example Sentence: He always pukes his guts out when he has the illness.

23. “Not to Be Sneezed/Sniffed at”

Meaning: Something should not be taken too lightly.

In the Example Sentence: Recently, she offered to parches the new model of car for $220,000 to her relatives, it was not an amount to be sneezed at.

“Not to Be Sneezed/Sniffed at”

24. “To Run its Course”

Meaning: A pattern that sicknesses have, in which certain things always occur.

In the Example Sentence: My brother had the flu and wanted to get over it recently because his annual exam will occur, but the doctor said that there was nothing he could do about it because the flu had to run its course.

25. “Back Towards Health”

Meaning: To look after a sick person until he recovers.

In the Example Sentence: Everybody at home is trying their best that Jon’s memory is back towards in best health because he has lost his memories due to a major accident.

 26. “White as a Sheet”

Meaning: It’s used about someone whose face is very pale because of illness, shock or fear.

In the Example Sentence: In the party, everyone in relative says to him that his face is white as a sheet and check it from a specialist doctor after the party.

27. “To Feel (A Little) Off-Color”

Meaning: To not understand what happened with someone.

In the Example Sentence: He is feeling a bit off-color today, I think he should go to the doctor.

28. “Suffer From Foot To Mouth Disease”

Meaning: To be stuck in critical disease.

In the Example Sentence: My brother hates public speaking. He suffered from foot to mouth disease when his teacher told him to speak in public.

29. “To Feel Lousy”

Meaning: To be sick all over the place.

In the Example Sentence: In the evening, he was feeling lousy because he ate bread of bad quality flour for breakfast.

30. “As Sick As A Dog”

Meaning: To fall in high sickness.

In the Example Sentence: Churchill felt yesterday as sick as a dog after overeating in the party.

“As Sick As A Dog”


When you are sick and tired of so much of something, you feel annoyed or irritated by it.

Being sick is like being trapped in your own body.” “Sickness can be a reminder of how connected we all are.” “When you’re sick, all you want is to feel like yourself again.” “Being sick puts a damper on everything.”

The prefrontal cortex becomes overwhelmed, like a computer that has too many programs running all at once. Our brain becomes less able to regulate our emotions in the expected ways, resulting in visible emotional responses, such as tears or angry outbursts.


These idioms about feeling sickness often have a figurative meaning that is totally different from the literal meaning of the words used. Along with the different weather, you now have a huge range of idioms you can use to express feelings of illness when you’re not well.

Furthermore, we tried our best to give the best knowledge about illness. Now, we hope that you can understand everything in this article easily.

After this, if you have any confusion about learning them, you can share with us by writing them in the comments section. We’ll try our best to overcome your confusion on time. Also, thanks for reading.

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