30 Idiomatic Expressions of Hunger

Idiomatic Expressions of Hunger

30 Idiomatic Expressions of Hunger – In Fastest World

Our brilliant team understands the pain and difficulties of English learners, so we’re providing a huge amount of content with comprehending the meaning of the idiomatic expression of hunger and its appropriate usage in sentences in this article.

Basically, there’re limitless idioms that are used in this world. In which one common and very popular that comes up quite often is hunger. Whether it’s describing someone who is very starved, or using idioms to talk about someone who is eating like a horse, the English language is full of phrases that relate to hunger.

Idiomatic Expressions of Hunger

1. “Eat One’s Words”

Meaning: To take back something said, especially if it was proven wrong.

In the Example Sentence: Jon tried to eat his words when he made a huge mistake.

2. “Spoon-feed”

Meaning: To give someone information or help that could be obtained independently.

In the Example Sentence: I’m waiting for my paycheck to arrive, so that i can introduce spoon-feed for our youngsters of country.

3. “Eat Humble Pie”

Meaning: To apologize for her mistake in a humble manner.

In the Example Sentence: When everyone wasn’t talking with him, he felt so ashamed and ate humble pie.

4. “Eat Like a Bird”

Meaning: To eat very little.

In the Example Sentence: She is so weak, that’s why, everybody jokes with him that she eats like a bird.

“Eat Like a Bird”

5. “Bite Off More Than One”

Meaning: To handle those works that are so arduous.

In the Example Sentence: To learn Chemistry concepts for my younger sister is like biting off more than one chew.

6. “Hunger for Success”

Meaning: Eager and always ready to achieve goals.

In the Example Sentence: His younger sister is so confident and wants a big achievement in every work like a hunger for success.

7. “Eat Out of Someone’s Hand”

Meaning: To be under someone’s influence or control.

In the Example Sentence: When he lost his job, he faced so arduous conditions even he ate from his elder brother’s hand.

8. “Eyes are Bigger Than One’s Stomach”

Meaning: To eat more than one.

In the Example Sentence: When she goes for receptions’ her family, her eyes are bigger than one’s stomach.

9. “Eat Crow”

Meaning: To admit that you were wrong or accept humiliation.

In the Example Sentence: When everybody broke the relation with him, he felt so lonely. That’s why he has eaten crow and built again relationship with everybody.

“Eat Crow”

10. “For Famished”

Meaning: Highly hungry or eager for something.

In the Example Sentence: She is feeling famished, because she hasn’t eaten anything since breakfast.

11. “Have One’s Cake And Eat It Too”

Meaning: To want to have or do two things that are impossible to have or do together.

In the Example Sentence: He wants to earn a lot of money without any effort as having one’s cake and eat it too.

12. “Ready On a Binge”

Meaning: To eat excessively or indulge in something excessively.

In the Example Sentence: When he orders a pizza for everyone at home, Jon ready on a binge to give half payment.

13. “Hungry as a bear”

Meaning: To be awfully starved.

In the Example Sentence: He says that his younger brother is hungry as a bear, so  we are going out for dinner.

“Hungry as a bear”

 14. “Rotten to the Core”

Meaning: Completely bad or corrupt.

In the Example Sentence: Yesterday, when we had gone to the home of our nearest relative, their servant served a meal for us, we refused to eat because this meal was rotten to the core.

15. “Fatten the Calf for the Butcher”

Meaning: To ready someone or something for a negative outcome or sacrifice.

In the Example Sentence: Everybody hates someone to get their main goal in this age like a fatten the calf for the butcher.

16. “Pour Oil on Troubled Waters”

Meaning: To try to sort of or calm a tense situation.

In the Example Sentence: We should always try to pour oil on troubled waters.

17. “Hunger for knowledge”

Meaning: To have a strong desire to learn.

In the Example Sentence: When he went to a party with his family, everybody admired him because he is very intelligent like a hunger for knowledge.

“Hunger for knowledge”

18. “Have a Hollow Leg”

Meaning: To have not enough capacity for eating.

In the Example Sentence: After facing a big loss in his job, he has a hollow leg left to support his family.

19. “To Break Bread”

Meaning: To share a meal, often as a sign of peace and friendship.

In the Example Sentence: I noticed that when his family was eating food with us, his youngest daughter was continuously insisting to break bread for him.

20. “Like a Peckish”

Meaning: Means someone slightly hungry.

In the Example Sentence: When month is going to its end, his condition is peckish due to his income.

21. “Greedy Guts”

Meaning: A person who is excessively greedy or eats a lot.

In the Example Sentence: When his brother has earned some money. So in the next moment, he is ready to spend this in unimportant things like a greedy guts.

22. “Mouth-watering”

Meaning: Very appealing, especially in terms of food.

In the Example Sentence: Now, she’s very happy because her mother is cooking a delicious keema for him. That’s why, her mouth-watering.

23. “In the Weeds”

Meaning: Overwhelmed or having too much to handle for eating.

In the Example Sentence: When he gets his income, he is in the weeds and fulfilling his desires.

24. “Make One’s Mouth Water”

Meaning: To cause someone to feel eager or excited about something.

In the Example Sentence: When she tells her daughter about giving him a big treat, she fills her mouth with water.

25. “Quick Snack”

Meaning: A little meal or food item.

In the Example Sentence: After a long night of work, I’m famished. Let’s go grab some quick snacks to eat.

 26. “Keep a Sweet Tooth”

Meaning: To like eating sweets.

In the Example Sentence: She’s a lot of keep sweets tooth for her husband to eat before going to the movies.

27. “Chew the Fat”

Meaning: To have restful and instinctive talk.

In the Example Sentence: When Ali watches a fight between anyone, advise everyone to try to overcome instinctive talk like chew the fat.

28. “Chew the Scenery”

Meaning: To overreact or to be dramatic.

In the Example Sentence: His sister after getting scholarship is like chewing the scenery. Because she is showing off her scholarship to everybody who comes to their house.

29. “Bite the Bullet”

Meaning: To bear arduous conditions without arguments.

In the Example Sentence: His family has become very strong, because they faced a lot of pain like biting the bullet after the death of his father.

30. “Eating like a horse”

Meaning: To eat in huge amounts and very fastly.

In the Example Sentence: Ali ate the marriage’s food like a horse.

“Eating like a horse”


Eating someone alive. Eating on the run. Eating fire (British – means, extremely hungry). Eating the bitter pill, are a few idiomatic expressions of hunger.


This article has proved very applicable in daily life, because it has a lot of knowledge about being substantial and satisfying especially in terms of food. Learning to use common idiomatic expressions of hunger will make your English sound more impressive, so it’s a good idea to learn some of these expressions with daily practice. Also, thanks for reading.

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