List of Interesting 30 Idioms for Excitement

Idioms for Excitement

Popular 30 Idioms for Excitement and its Expression in English

Sometimes, people don’t know how to explain and share their feelings and emotions in a jovial manner with everybody. If you’re also stuck in those conditions? So, don’t worry, because we are providing a best and popular method to express feelings in the form of idioms for excitement in this article.

Furthermore, connect with us, and read these idioms that are related to enthusiasm with full-attention.

Idioms for Excitement

1. “Jumping for Joy”

Meaning: Sign of extreme happiness or excitement.

In the Example Sentence: My sister jumped out for joy like a kid who just found out it’s a full enjoying day by playing with toys, when she got a chance to become an actress.

2. “Bounce Off the Walls”

Meaning: Means to be very energetic to tell something and can’t control himself.

In the Example Sentence: Me and my friends were bouncing off the walls on their way to Disneyland in excitement.

3. “Full of Beans”

Meaning: Feeling lively and jovial.

In the Example Sentence: After facing a huge accident, his family feels full of beans of life, and it’s a blessing from Allah.

4. “On Top of the World”

Meaning: To be very talented and feel best.

In the Example Sentence: When his project of movie was chosen for number 1, he feel that he is on top of the world, because now he was win to heart of all the world.

On Top of the World

5. “Lit Up Like a Christmas Tree”

Meaning: In a crowd, to glow with happiness.

In the Example Sentence: In yesterday’s event, she wore a brilliant dress like a Christmas tree which grabbed everybody’s attention towards her.

6. “Feeling the Heat”

Meaning: Emphasizing towards pressure or strain.

In the Example Sentence: The battle of competition was so rigid, so he was feeling the heat to prove himself.

7. “Full Gassed”

Meaning: To fill with gleeful.

In the Example Sentence: When we talked about his relation, he full gassed in his mouth, and he blushed.

8. “Absolutely Elated”

Meaning: To be not in condition to handle happiness.

In the Example Sentence: After winning the match, our team absolutely elated to catch the trophy.

9. “Seeing Stars”

Meaning: To come a lot of dizzy after being hit with a heavy thing.

In the Example Sentence: Yesterday, I was hit by the bus and when I awoke from faint, I was see stars for a few minutes.

10. “On Cloud Nine”

Meaning: It’s used when something really good happens to someone.

In the Example Sentence: Gaining the scholarship had me on cloud nine for weeks, because it’s my dream achievement.

11. “Like a Kid in a Candy Store”

Meaning: To be very crazy and joyful about buying something.

In the Example Sentence: When his elder brother goes to the showroom, he is a little overwhelmed by all the good things around him like a kid in a candy store.

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

12. “Riding the Wave”

Meaning: To be happy with something which goes along with us.

In the Example Sentence: His younger sister is such riding on a horse which looks like a wave carrying a surfer.

13. “Cray-Cray”

Meaning: It’s a very funny way to express that someone is incredibly jovial about something to the point where it almost feels crazy.

In the Example Sentence: He is cray-cray to buying new cars, and takes interest in finding the best model of car for visiting to explore different places.

 14. “Getting Hyped”

Meaning: To be very excited for happen something.

In the Example Sentence: She is getting hyped, because today is her birthday.

15. “Buzzing Like a Bee”

Meaning: Full of energy and excitement.

In the Example Sentence: Joni is buzzing like a bee after listening to the news of his engagement.

16. “On Fleek”

Meaning: To be very enthusiastic that everything is going just right.

In the Example Sentence: She is satisfied that the setup of the wedding is wonderful and on fleek.

17. “Through the Roof”

Meaning: This’s used usually to explain at extreme levels of excitement.

In the Example Sentence: When he gains the bonus from in his job his jovial spread everywhere through the roof that are almost too difficult to contain.

18. “Ants in Your Pants”

Meaning: Not controlling his expressions and very agitated.

In the Example Sentence: Harry has ants in his pants ever since we decided on a surprise birthday party for our youngest sister.

Ants in Your Pants

19. “Off the Hook”

Meaning: In excitement is out of control.

In the Example Sentence: Today, we met a person who told us his kind-hearted story, and our younger brother is so impressed that he is following his given guidance in this story with off the hook.

20. “Over the Moon”

Meaning: To feel pleased to go to an unexpected place.

In the Example Sentence: Landed my success over the moon due to my parent’s prayers, everybody in my relatives makes proud of me.

21. “Epic

Meaning: To express extraordinary feelings.

In the Example Sentence: His father gifted him an iPhone 15 pro, she in epic and cry in happy mood.

22. “Steaming Mad”

Meaning: To have a crazy mind.

In the Example Sentence: He had steamed mad on the missing his favorite car and angering on everybody.

23. “Fit to be Tied”

Meaning: Sign of angry or agitated.

In the Example Sentence: After making a mistake realized he was fit to be tied, and felt so ashamed.

24. “Bouncing off the Walls”

Meaning: To indicate energy with excess quantity.

In the Example Sentence: After drinking double espresso, he felt like he was bouncing off the walls all day.

25. “Head Over Heels”

Meaning: To express an elevation of agitation.

In the Example Sentence: His family are head over heels, about the thought of traveling to different places of the world.

Head Over Heels

 26. “Tickled Pink”

Meaning: Sign of feeling amused.

In the Example Sentence: His brother is tickled pink on the success which he wanted.

27. “Fever Pitch”

Meaning: A very high level of excitement about something.

In the Example Sentence: Requests for the parcels of letters soon reached a fever pitch.

28. “Thrilled To Bits”

Meaning: Feeling extremely thrilled.

In the Example Sentence: He got a 1st position in his exam that’s why he is thrilled to bits.

Thrilled To Bits

29. “Fling Yourself Into Something”

Meaning: To involve himself in any work.

In the Example Sentence: His mother is always fling herself into busy. That’s why everybody calls her a very busy woman.

30. “Raring To Go”

Meaning: It’s used when someone starts to do something with enthusiasm.

In the Example Sentence: Nobody is ready to wait, everybody is raring to go for an outing and enjoying themselves.


Meaning: To be very jovial and excited to explore new things.

Use in Example Sentence: In our class, Jack behaves as an eager beaver which is always ready for a new adventure in his life.

Yes, you can also use these idioms to express your feelings at a surprise birthday party or an unexpected concert because these incidents occur in daily life.


When you’ll gain a grab on these “idioms for excitement”, these add flavour and fun to what you’re saying, like a delight dish. Now, we hope that you’ve to know the best method to express or explain your emotions after reading these “idioms for excitement”. 

On the other hand, if you’ve to face any problem to understand any idioms. So, you can share your problem or issue with the help of comments below. Also, we’ll feel very grateful to solve your problem, so sharing your problem is compulsory. Also, thanks for reading.

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