30 Metaphors For Crying Crocodile’s Tears

Metaphors For Crying

Most Admired 30 Metaphors For Crying & Sorrow

Tears have the power of words that we can’t speak but can show through the flow of feelings. The act of crying in itself becomes a medium of language that is complex and narrative with profound sensitivity. Metaphors for crying depict the depiction of these untold emotions through the medium of tears which are the complex and multifaceted nature of emotions.

Crying is a universal human experience that goes beyond the language barrier. It’s a powerful expression of emotions whether they are the tears of joy, sadness, joy, or any other feeling. Metaphors related to crying provide the captivating glimpse that we use to describe this universal human experience.

Join us in this poignant journey as we navigate the metaphors for crying along with their meanings and use in sentences.

Metaphors For Crying

1. “Stormy Eyelashes”

Meaning: Tears resemble the storm that is in full bloom with emotions.

In the Example Sentence: Behind the stormy eyelashes, she possessed a cruel reality of her bad behavior.

2. “Crying on Someone’s Shoulder”

Meaning: Put forward that everyone needs someone very close to getting a piece after the hard work of the whole day.

In the Example Sentence: After a long tiring day, my cat needs nothing but crying on her best friend’s shoulder for rest.

3. “Cry Out For Help”

Meaning: Advocates the idea of help when someone is stressed or seeking support.

In the Example Sentence: The refugee camps were full of the flood and they all cried out for help but the rescue team couldn’t reach them.

4. “Crying Crocodile Tears”

Meaning: Gives the impression that someone is a hypocrite but to show off, try to weep in someone’s favor.

In the Example Sentence: The stepdaughter cried crocodile tears at the death of his stepfather and tried to expose sincerity.

5. “Crying Foul”

Meaning: Demonstrates that something is perceived as inequitable and discriminatory while objecting.

In the Example Sentence: The servants were crying foul, when they learned about the promotion that had been awarded to less qualified.

6. “Crying Over Spilt Milk”

Meaning: Indicates that the past mistakes are unproductive. So, focus on the present or future and move forward.

In the Example Sentence: She didn’t work hard throughout the year and now has failed, so, it is useless to cry over spilled milk.

Crying Over Spilt Milk

7. “Weeping Willows”

Meaning: Give the impression of comparison of a tree whose branches are long and splendor, with the person’s personality.

In the Example Sentence: His eyes shined with weeping willows while talking about his childhood memories.

8. “Crying Wolf”

Meaning: Indicates a situation when someone raises some false claims to mislead others.

In the Example Sentence: His constantly exaggerated behavior led his colleague to feel that he was crying wolf, having no reality.

9. “Crying a River”

Meaning: Demonstrates when a person cries so much that he feels like a river starts flowing due to his tears.

In the Example Sentence: Although, Jack cried in the hall but Geneive cried a flowing river that everyone got sad.

10. “Dewdrop Desolation”

Meaning: Propounds the beauty of tears which seem like the dewdrops adding sadness and grief.

In the Example Sentence: In the light of the shining sun, her tears shined like dewdrops desolation.

11. “Crying Tears of Joy”

Meaning: Propounds the expression that shows the extreme happiness that the tears start to shed.

In the Example Sentence: As my students focused on my advice of exploration, study, review, my crying tears of joy shedder on seeing their success.

12. “Moonlit Teardrops”

Meaning: Symbolizes the beauty of falling tears that resemble the shining of moonlit drops.

In the Example Sentence: My heart was melting like wax on seeing her moonlit teardrops at the party.

Moonlit Teardrops

13. “Crying Tears of Sorrow”

Meaning: Advocates an expression when someone seems so sad and in grief that he resembles a cry.

In the Example Sentence: After the loss of her diamond necklace, she cried tears of sorrow in her house.

 14. “Crying Tears of Shame”

Meaning: Throws glimpse on a person who has committed some unacceptable or illegal work and is now ashamed of his acts.

In the Example Sentence: When Luka was caught with the culprit who stole the car, she was crying tears of shame but of no use.

15. “Crying on the Inside”

Meaning: Recommend to the condition of a person who is happy apparently, but inwardly he is sad or in pain due to some reason.

In the Example Sentence: Despite his cheerful demeanor, she was crying on the inside, due to some pain that nobody knew.

16. “Gentle Torrents of Emotions”

Meaning: Gives the impression of emotions that are soft and powerful, suggesting the rich emotional experience with depth.

In the Example Sentence: My grandmother started telling the stories of her childhood, the gentle torrents of emotions in the form of tears started flowing.

17. “Fountains of Frailty”

Meaning: Lead to the belief that evokes the images of emotion characterized by delicate nature.

In the Example Sentence: As she talked about her hostel life experience, her fountains of frailty made everybody cry.

Fountains of Frailty

18. “Crying Tears of Relief”

Meaning: Demonstrates the idea of showing gratitude or relief through tears to someone.

In the Example Sentence: After getting his lost watch, he didn’t say any words to the stranger but cried tears of relief.

19. “Lamenting Lullabies”

Meaning: Indicates that the sound of crying seems like the musical tones of lullabies that offer peace after weeping.

In the Example Sentence: She was weeping so much on her husband’s death but the musical sound of chorus presented lamenting lullabies for her.

20. “Mourning Meadow”

Meaning: Suggest the idea that tears resemble a mourning meadow, showing quite grief.

In the Example Sentence: Her eyes turned into mourning meadow, as she swept, shining like dewdrops of sorrow.

21. “Falling Starlight of Sorrow”

Meaning: Proposes that tears that resemble the falling stars, a celestial and dignified sorrow

In the Example Sentence: In the quiet night, her tears seemed like falling starlight of sorrow, with the weight of emotions.

22. “Whispers of Heart”

Meaning: Advocates that the tears show the emotions, the feelings of the heart deeply.

In the Example Sentence: The two lovers talked with the language of emotions through the whispers of heart to show their love.

Whispers of Heart

23. “Crying Tears of Rage”

Meaning: Demonstrates the state of being extremely angry showing through the resentment of tears.

In the Example Sentence: On hearing the act of injustice in the court, he started crying tears of rage.

24. “Solitary Rainfall”

Meaning: Symbolizes the individual distress and affliction that someone releases through the tears.

In the Example Sentence: After his wife’s death, I often saw him in solitary rainfall in the park.

25. “Crying in One’s Pillow”

Meaning: This metaphor refers to a stressed person who used to cry lonely in his bed.

In the Example Sentence: She couldn’t bear her failure of marriage, so she often used to cry into her pillow at night.

 26. “Rivers of Regret”

Meaning: Evinces that the continuous flowing of tears depicts regret like the river.

In the Example Sentence: He was so arrogant but after losing his power of wealth, he fell into rivers of regret.

27. “Crying Tears of Frustration”

Meaning: Gives the impression that the tears are a means of expressing extreme frustration and disappointment.

In the Example Sentence: After several attempts to solve the problem, she started crying tears of frustration.

28. “Silent Thunderstorms”

Meaning: This metaphor shows that tears have the power like thunderstorms to show internal feelings quietly.

In the Example Sentence: Her tears were the silent thunderstorm so he understood her and fell in love with her.

Silent Thunderstorms

29. “Sorrow’s Waterfall”

Meaning: Put forward that the tears resemble the waterfall showing the misery and torment.

In the Example Sentence: As the news of the accident reached her, the sorrow’s waterfall flowed through her cheeks.

30. “Rainfall of Grief”

Meaning: Gives the impression of extreme anguish and agony that someone possessed.

In the Example Sentence: When her son came to visit her after 10 years, she had thrown a rainfall of grief before him.


The most popular metaphors for sadness for the person who searches are these: “sad is dark”, “sad is down”, “sadness is lack of heat”, and “sadness is lack of vitality”.

There’re numerous words that are used for describing the sounds of crying. Some of the best are blubber, boohoo, uwaah uwaah, sob sob. Most of these are known as onomatopoeia, which is a word created from the sound it makes.


Metaphors for crying aren’t just the expressions of sadness or feelings of pain but a refined concord of the soul where tears provide a unique perception of the multifaceted nature of emotions. Metaphors related to crying enable us to understand the silent language of humanity irrespective of culture, race, and age. Also, if you find anyone crying, try to make them happy.

We hope these metaphors inspire you and motivate you in every walk of life. Don’t forget to share the problems you’re facing while understanding these metaphors related to old with the help of the comment below.  We tried our best to solve your problems in a short interval of time, so you can understand them easily. Thanks a lot for reading.

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