Chasing 30 Metaphors for Dreams

Metaphors for Dreams

30 Metaphors for Dreams – Spirituality Evidence

If you believe that dreams are to be true and fulfilled. So, you’re right, because dreams have enchanted on the human mind for centuries. Whatever, these are fair or unfair.

Mostly, we use impact metaphors to understand the goal of the dream, which grasp the intangible imaginations clearly and make sense of the surreal. In short, this article is filled with a lot of metaphors for dreams.

So, let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of dreams through the lens of metaphor.

Metaphors for dreams

1. “A Dream is a Garden”

Meaning: In this metaphor, the dream is a place where various thoughts and emotions can grow and flourish, but also sometimes containing thorns or weeds.

In the Example Sentence: He tries to build and cultivate all of his dreams like a beautiful garden.

2. “Dream is a Journey”

Meaning: It takes you places mentally or emotionally, where different turns and discoveries along the way.

In the Example Sentence: His dream transported him to a mystical forest, which looked like a dream journey.

3. “A Dream is a Fish”

Meaning: Sometimes dreams can be elusive and hard to grasp, and impossible to complete.

In the Example Sentence: My dream is to become a scientist, but when I feel that i am becoming a scientist, my dream is slipped away like a fish.

“A Dream is a Fish”

4. “Dreams are the Alabaster”

Meaning: Ability to creativity into forms of beauty and wonder.

In the Example Sentence: Some people create a masterpiece by alabaster statues of the mind, which attract everybody.

5. “Dream is a Universe”

Meaning: Echoing the cosmic symphony within the chambers of the mind.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams connect the individual to a larger, universal consciousness because dreams are the whispers of the universe.

6. “A Dream is a Puzzle”

Meaning: Something would be complicated that is arduous to understand, and needs some clues and elements to understand it.

In the Example Sentence: Yesterday, i watched a dream which was so complicated like a puzzle.

7. “Dreams are the Whispers”

Meaning: Resurfacing like long-lost melodies.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams are the whispers of forgotten memories and bring to light memories buried in the recesses of the mind.

8. “A Dream is a Mirror”

Meaning: It signifies that dreams reflect your inner thoughts, fears, and desires. Sometimes the reflection is clear, and sometimes it’s distorted.

In the Example Sentence: Dream like a mirror revealing our psyche that remains hidden in the waking world.

“A Dream is a Mirror”

9. “Dream is a Celestial Dance”

Meaning: It means a particular place where the stars of imagination twirl and sway to the rhythm of our deepest desires.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams are a graceful and enchanting expression of our innermost wishes like a celestial dance.

10. “A Dream is a Mask”

Meaning: To play a role to hide real identity.

In the Example Sentence: In the dream, my friend wore a mask of confidence, which concealing the insecurities that often lurked beneath the surface of her waking life.

11. “Dream is a Weavers”

Meaning: It means to spin the threads of possibility into the tapestry of existence.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams can influence the course of one’s life by shaping perceptions and choices like a weavers of fate.

12. “Dream is a Compass”

Meaning: It points us towards the uncharted territories of our desires.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams offer guidance, directing us toward the fulfillment of our deepest longings like a compass.

“Dream is a Compass”

13. “Dream is a Uncharted Territories”

Meaning: To wait for the adventurer to unveil their mysteries.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams offer endless opportunities for exploration and self-discovery because it consists of uncharted territories of the mind.

 14. “Dream is a Kaleidoscope”

Meaning: This transforms with every turn of the night.

In the Example Sentence: His dreams are dynamic and ever-changing like a kaleidoscope on a daily routine.

15. “A Dream is a Ship”

Meaning: It means a journey with a lot of adventures.

In the Example Sentence: In my dream, I sailed the ship of my desires through the stormy seas of adversity, guided by the stars of hope.

16. “Dreams are Like Shooting Stars”

Meaning: Fleeting but leaving a trail of inspiration across the night sky of our thoughts.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams may be brief, but their impact can be long-lasting and influential like shooting stars.

17. “A Dream is a Book”

Meaning: It means dream is such a book from which we can inspire about representing different aspects of our lives.

In the Example Sentence: Sometimes, i think dream is a book where words transform into vivid imagery, and stories of our subconscious unfold.

“A Dream is a Book”

18. “Dream is a Secret Agents”

Meaning: Gathering intelligence from the depths of the subconscious.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams unveil hidden insights like secret agents of the mind.

19. “Dreams are the Time-travelers”

Meaning: Visiting the past, present, and future in a single night.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams can transcend the constraints of time, which like time-travelers of the mind.

20. “Dream is a Hope”

Meaning: Constructing bridges from the realm of the possible to the shores of our waking reality.

In the Example: Dreams inspire hope and optimism, connecting us to a brighter and more promising future.

21. “Dream is Capsules of Emotion”

Meaning: To preserve the essence of joy, sorrow, and everything in between.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams encapsulate a wide spectrum of emotions in time.

22. “Dreams are the Seeds”

Meaning: Planted in the fertile soil of the mind, waiting to bloom into reality.

In the Example Sentence: Dreams serve as seeds of ambition the foundation for aspirations that can manifest in the waking world.

23. “A Dream is a Theater”

Meaning: It means every person’s unconscious is the director, and their memories and thoughts are the actors.

In the Example Sentence: Churchill works in such theater, whose movies don’t be able to in waking life.

24. “Dream is a Canvas”

Meaning: It suggests that dreams are whispers of the night, painting the canvas of our minds with ethereal hues of possibility.

In the Example Sentence: The artist’s dream is the canvas of our subconscious, where the colors of their desires and fears blend to create unique masterpieces.

25. “A Dream is a Lantern in the Dark”

Meaning: To guide us through the shadowy corridors of our imagination.

In the Example Sentence: Our teacher told us that when anyone is stuck in arduous, dreams play a role of lantern in the dark.

“A Dream is a Lantern in the Dark”

 26. “Dreams Are the Architects”

Meaning: Sketching blueprints in the silent chambers of sleep.

In the Example Sentence: Elders’ dreams are the architects of our future, which constructs the framework for us.

27. “Dream is a Poets of the Night”

Meaning: To weave verses of emotion and imagery in the tapestry of sleep.

In the Example Sentence: His dreams engage in a poetic expression, combining emotions and images in a unique narrative.

28. “Dreams are the Footprints”

Meaning: To mark the journey of our aspirations across the sands of time.

In the Example Sentence: He left a lasting impression on our spiritual journey, which looked like dream footprints of the soul.

29. “Dream is a Trap”

Meaning: Deceiving or misleading, luring us into a false sense of security or belief.

In the Example Sentence: Beware from such a dream that feels too perfect, it may trap you from the actual goal of your life.

30. “A Dream is a Symphony”

Meaning: Harmonizing emotions and thoughts in the quiet theater of the night.

In the Example Sentence: A dream is a symphony orchestrating a complex interplay of feelings and ideas.


All metaphors, by their nature, encourage one line of thinking and discourage others. “Chasing the dream” presupposes that the dream is something outside of yourself, something that is trying to elude you.


Now, it say isn’t wrong that dreams are the canvas upon which we paint our deepest desires and fears, and that they are footprints which have proved very helpful to achieve our goals.

Furthermore, this article consists of a huge variety of metaphors about the structure of dreams, which help us to enhance our personality in a better way. At last, if you have any problem understanding any metaphor and its meaning, you can contact us through the comments section by sharing your problem.

We’ll try our best to overcome your confusion or problem in a short interval of time. So, kindly share with us. Also, thanks for reading.

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