30 Metaphors For Identity-Related to  Personality Identification

Metaphors For Identity

Popular 30 Metaphors For Identity Revealing the Layers Of Self

Have you ever been in touch with the question of your identity? So, these are the metaphors for identity, which are about complex and miscellaneous reality that encloses the totality of who we are as individuals. Metaphors related to identity are shaped by the choices that we make, and determine the person we become.

Let’s start to explore the most popular metaphors for identity along with their meanings and example sentences.

Metaphors For Identity

1. “A Kaleidoscope”

Meaning: Recommend that identity can be seen in multiple ways depending on the perspective of view.

In the Example Sentence: Her art of painting is a kaleidoscope that’s why she is so much famous among the youngsters.

2. “Flowing River”

Meaning: Suggests that identity is shaping and reshaping through the terrain of time constantly.

In the Example Sentence: Making its path through the experiences of life, her identity is a flowing river.

3. “Suit Of Armor”

Meaning: Demonstrates that identity can be used to show a particular image or persona to others.

In the Example Sentence: Her children wore a suit of armor in the court in order to stay with their mother forever.

4. “An Opportunist Chameleon”

Meaning: Suggest the condition of someone that changes himself according to the current situation.

In the Example Sentence: The team loses the match due to his bad habit of being an opportunist chameleon.

5. “A Shelter House”

Meaning: Evinces that identity is like a house that provides you safety as we feel at home.

In the Example Sentence: His marriage proposal was a shelter house for me that fulfilled all the failures of my life.

6. “Fingerprint”

Meaning: Recommend that the identity of a single person never matches any other person in the world, showing the individuality of people.

In the Example Sentence: My mobile phone accepts only my fingerprint because I’m the only piece in the world.


7. “Identity is Landscape”

Meaning: Advocates that identity is vast, diverse, and dynamic qualities that construct one’s character.

In the Example Sentence: His identity is a landscape in which he faced many hardships in life but he overcame them with his strong determination.

8. “Complex Puzzle”

Meaning: A continuous effort to gather all the pieces of life’s picture.

In the Example Sentence: The puzzle of her identity is fulfilled with provided parts from the experiences of life.

9. “A Reflecting Mirror”

Meaning: Something that is a reflection of our self, how others see us, and how we see ourselves perceived by others.

In the Example Sentence: My house is the reflecting mirror of the traditions and culture of our grandparents.

A Reflecting Mirror

10. “An Open Book”

Meaning: Identity is like a book that can be read and understood as a story aided by personal experiences of life.

In the Example Sentence: The unfolded book of his life discloses the transformation and progress.

11. “Deep Rooted Tree”

Meaning: Indicates that identity is rooted deep in the past with an emphasis on experiences of life.

In the Example Sentence: My school is a deep-rooted tree that has seen more than five generations of my forefathers.

12. “Hemp Garment”

Meaning: Demonstrate that identity can be put on or get off and it can be altered in any way.

In the Example Sentence: This set of jewelry is a hemp garment for her as she often used to change it in a rhythmic way.

 13. “Mosaic”

Meaning: Advocates that identity is a collection of elements that can be used to arrange in a way to produce creative images and patterns.

In the Example Sentence: Our team is a mosaic that uses natural objects to get the attention of audiences through their handcrafts.

14. “Shadow”

Meaning: Implies that identity is the reflection of our actions and deeds that we use to do.

In the Example Sentence: Her graceful and kindhearted nature is the shadow of good parenting.


15. “Identity Shield”

Meaning: Put forward the idea that identity is used for shielding but sometimes deflecting out certain aspects.

In the Example Sentence: The caretaker shielded herself from being a thief as she was not guilty of the sin.

16. “Identity Palette”

Meaning: Throw the idea that identity is something that can be blended to make new shades.

In the Example Sentence: Her identity is a palette of emotions that is why she is the founder of this company.

17. “Symphony”

Meaning: Propound that identity is composed of different segments that can combine harmoniously to form a cohesive whole.

In the Example Sentence: She is the symphony of the company and when she works everyone impresses her.

18. “Dance”

Meaning: Gives the idea of life’s rhythms that evolve and change symmetrically.

In the Example Sentence: Every step shows a unique acquaintance in the dance of life’s party.

19. “A Covering Mask”

Meaning: Showing the false identity through hiding in order to fit in a particular field.

In the Example Sentence: He was wearing a covering mask in the denouncement to get the award.

A Covering Mask

20. “Identity a Storm”

Meaning: Challenges the rapid change in one’s personality just as the storm.

In the Example Sentence: His mother’s death proved an identity storm for him as he stopped being evil and became a polite person.

21. “A Symphony of Touch”

Meaning: Contributes to the physical sensation and composition of self.

In the Example Sentence: The symphony of touch included the gentle embrace of sympathy made her determination in her work.

22. “Photographer’s Lens in Identity”

Meaning: Encapsulated through the lens of experience for the development of uniqueness.

In the Example Sentence: Life unfolded before her photographer’s lens capturing the best moments of life into vivid pictures.

23. “Coral Leaf of Identity”

Meaning: Leads to the belief in radiant and vibrant parts that add to the richness of one’s being.

In the Example Sentence: The coral leaf of beauty was glamorous in the scene of a starry night in the desert.

24. “Identity a Masterpiece in Progress”

Meaning: Advocates the idea that one’s personality becomes marvelous with continuous effort.
In the Example Sentence: The birds made a masterpiece in progress and made a new nest after yesterday’s strong storm.

 25. “Identity a Horizon”

Meaning: Encourages that when somebody starts finding the self through continuous struggle.

In the Example Sentence: He became a nobleman of the town after identifying the horizon.

26. “Identity Phoenix”

Meaning: Indicates when somebody faces numerous challenges to become strong.

In the Example Sentence: He joined the gym to flex his muscles and to fulfill his dream of becoming a bodybuilder.

27. “Jigsaw Puzzle”

Meaning: To do work on one’s personality to compensate like a jigsaw puzzle needs effort.

In the Example Sentence: Now he is fully determined to do the jigsaw puzzle of life in order to be a perfect man.

Jigsaw Puzzle

28. “Chrysalis is Identity”

Meaning: Suggests that identity undergoes a transformation in order to become mature just like a chrysalis.

In the Example Sentence: The caterpillar faces chrysalis in identity to be a beautiful creature.

29. “Identity a Stage”

Meaning: Intimates that identity goes through various phases through experiences and different roles in life to become acceptable.

In the Example Sentence: Each level of a vase’s life is an identity of the stage, that finally changes into a remarkable piece of art.

30. “Identity is Tapestry”

Meaning: Multiplex and entwine from varied experiences.

In the Example Sentence: Her tapestry exposed to view radiant threads of pliability and joy.


The powerful metaphor for life is “Life is like a box of chocolate”. Life is like a journey on the road where you don’t know where you are going, or what your destination is. Life is like a puzzle, sometimes easy and sometimes very difficult, so you have to combine all the pieces to find the whole picture.

 Here are some famous quotes for the person who wants to know about self-discovery:

  • “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”- Aristotle.
  • “In the end, you don’t so much find yourself as you find someone who knows who you are” – Robert Brault.
  • “Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom”- Lao Tzu.


Metaphors for identity are full of splatters of emotions, relationships, and the colors of life experiences. To explain such feelings, people use these metaphors about identity which helps to explain the feelings that other people can easily understand.

In short, metaphors related to identity enable us to struggle to make sense of our own identity and to look at new ways to show our thoughts and feelings. We hope these metaphors are a source of inspiration and insight for you. Don’t forget to share the problems you’re facing while understanding metaphorical experiences of identity with the help of the comment below. Thanks a lot for reading.

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