9 Noun And Their Kinds – Rules and Examples

Noun And Their Kinds

9 Type of Noun and Their Kinds – With Examples and Rules

A noun is a word used for the name of “a person, place or a thing”.

I.e: Ali, book, Lahore, chair, etc are some nouns.

Furthermore, it can also function as verbs, and can also function as different components of the sentence as well. In short, these are an important part of speech in English, probably second only to verbs. Also, It is difficult to say much without using a noun.

Nouns used in sentences:

  • She bought a pen. (thing)
  • It is my class. (place)
  • This is a very expensive book. (thing)
  • Jon is a good boy. (person)

Noun and Their Kinds

The noun and their kinds is further divided into 9 kinds.

  • Proper Noun
  • Common Noun
  • Abstract Noun
  • Collective Noun
  • Compound Noun
  • Countable Noun
  • Uncountable Noun
  • Material Noun
  • Concrete Noun
  • Now, let us start discussion on noun and their kinds in detail.

1. Proper Noun

Proper nouns are particular names of particular persons, places or things.

Note: It usually starts with a capital letter.

I.e. Quaid-e-Azam, Holy Qur’an, Saudi Arabia, Miner-e-Pakatan are few examples of proper nouns.

Sometimes, it plays a role as a subject or sometimes as an object. This is to go for, read the sentences below carefully.

Proper Nouns used in sentences:

  • Churchill is his best friend. (Name of a particular person)
  • His sister came from Multan. (Name of a specific place)
  • The Holy Quran is one of the best books of the world. (Name of a specific book)
  • My name is Rose. (Name of a particular person)

2. Common Noun

Common nouns are the name of general persons, places, or things.

Note: Common nouns are not capitalized unless they appear at the beginning of a sentence.

I.e. city, book, country, poet, etc are some common examples of common nouns.

Common Nouns used in sentences:

  • I bought a pencil yesterday. (Common object)
  • I am going to the park. (Common place)
  • It is a gorgeous store. (Common place)
  • They read a book. (Common thing)

3. Abstract Noun

An abstract noun is the name given to something that we can feel but can’t see or touch physically. In short, these’re express ideas, concepts and feelings.

I.e. Truth, revenge, kindness, wisdom, honesty, childhood, etc are few abstract nouns.

Abstract Nouns used in sentences:

  • I speak the truth.
  • He wants revenge from him.
  • She feels so hungry after completing her homework.
  • Honesty is the best policy.

4. Collective Noun

The name of a group of persons, places, or things are called collective nouns.

I.e. Flock, class, family, bunch, etc are some collective nouns.

Collective Nouns used in sentences:

5. Compound Noun

Compound nouns are those nouns which are made with 2 or more words. Each compound noun acts as a single unit and can be modified by adjectives and other nouns.

Note: These words may be “noun + noun” or “noun + adjectives”, and also connected through prepositions like: in.

I.e. Brother-in-law, sun-flower, oil-tanker, bus-station, sun-light, etc are few compound nouns.

Compound Nouns used in sentences:

  • They bathe in the swimming pool.
  • Everybody stops work at sunset.
  • His brother-in-law is so innocent.
  • She waited for the bus at the bus-station.

6. Countable Noun

These’re those nouns that can be easily counted or measured.

I.e. Pencils, ball, boy, cat, person, and so on.

Note: It’s also called count noun.

Countable Nouns used in sentences:

  • He bought 10 candles for birthday party. (specific number-10)
  • Father asked me to bring a dozen bananas. (specific – dozen means 12)
  • The Earth was built 4.6 billion years ago. (specific number-4.6 billion years)
  • I have only 6 dollars. (specific number-6)

7. Uncountable Noun

Uncountable nouns are those nouns which are arduous to count.

I.e. Hair, honey, water, rice, etc are few common examples of uncountable nouns.

Note: It’s also called mass noun.

Uncountable Nouns used in sentences:

  • They are facing terrible weather today. (Cannot count)
  • Many Asians eat rice. (Cannot count)
  • The water in the pool is cold. (Cannot count)
  • Honey is sweet in taste. (Cannot count)

8. Material Noun

It’s the name of material from which things are made.

I.e. Diamond, gold, iron, milk, etc are some material nouns.

Material Nouns used in sentences:

  •  Diamond use for jowls is very expensive.
  • The milk strengthens our bones.
  • In the future, gold will only be seen in shops because it will be very expensive.

9. Concrete Noun

It’s  a noun that refers to material objects which are also countable.

I.e. Gold ring, table, door, chair, bags, are concrete nouns.

Concrete Nouns used in sentences:

  • The glass is on the table.
  • He went to school by motorcycle.
  • When someone knocks on the door, she opens it.
  • His mother wears a silver necklace.


There’re total of 9 noun and their kinds for our users in this article. 

  1. Proper Noun
  2. Common Noun
  3. Abstract Noun
  4. Collective Noun
  5. Compound Noun
  6. Countable Noun
  7. Uncountable Noun
  8. Material Noun
  9. Concrete Noun

These’re some famous examples of nouns:

  • People – Rahul, Sheela, Man, Person, Tommy, Women,
  • Places – Bangalore, India, Mexico, North Pole, South Africa, The Nile River, Classroom, Bedroom,
  • Animals/Birds/Aquatic Animals/Reptiles – Lion, Zebra, Snake, Ostrich,
  • Ideas – Evolution, Invention, Extinction,
  • Objects/Things – Bat, Cycle, Curtains, Paper,


It is often useful to recognize what noun and their kinds is because different types sometimes have different rules. We tried our best to give you all information to related noun and their kinds. Also, when you’ll learn all these roles, this helps you to use them correctly. Lastly, thanks for reading.

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