216 Science Words Start With Y – Complete List

216 Science Words Start With Y Which Relate Every Grade

216 Science Words Start With Y Which Relate Every Grade

Dear reader, prepare for an exciting ride through Science – every letter holds an entire realm of discoveries. So now, we’re off to a journey through the letter ‘Y’ in science which opened up light into the world of science that ranges from the genetic level up to the forensic science level. From the conversations about the Y-chromosome to the approach to Yolk DNA, these words are both theoretical concepts and practical applications for the sciences of biology, chemistry and everything in between. Welcome to science words start with Y, Some of them will most definitely evoke curiosity and discovery.

List of Science Words Start With Y

Dive into the fascinating realm of science with our curated list of words beginning with Y. From forensic insights to cutting-edge technologies, discover how these terms unravel mysteries and push boundaries in scientific exploration.

4th Grade Science Words With Y

YeastMicroorganisms used in baking to make dough rise.
YearThe time it takes for Earth to orbit the Sun (365 days).
YarnFibers spun into a thread used for knitting or weaving.
YenJapanese currency.
Yucca plantA desert plant with white flowers.
YewAn evergreen tree with red berries and toxic leaves.
Yummy Delicious or tasty.
YearlingAn animal that is a year old.
YakA long-haired domesticated bovid.
Yarn winderA device used to wind yarn.
Yucca FruitA fruit that grows from a yucca plant.
YieldTo give way to pressure.
YellowtailA fish with a yellow tail.
YelpTo give a sharp cry of pain.
Yellowfin Tuna A type of tuna.
Yellow PerchA small freshwater fish.
YamA type of sweet potato.
YoungAn individual who isn’t fully grown or developed.

5th Grade Science Words With Y

YetiA mythical creature, also known as the Abominable Snowman.
Yield StrengthThe stress at which a material deforms permanently.
YttriumElement used in forensic spectroscopy for trace analysis.
Y ChromosomeThe genetic compass of male characteristics through its unique genetic markers.
Yellow DwarfA type of star, like the Sun.
YawningInvoluntary deep inhalation often associated with tiredness or boredom.
YtterbiumRare earth element analyzed in forensic material science.
Yeast InfectionFungal overgrowth.
Yield PointStress at which a material begins to deform plastically.
Y-coordinateForensic study of mathematical coordinates.
Y-linked GeneImpacting male-specific traits inherited from father to son.
YtterbianA compound used in various applications including lasers, glass, and as a forensic tracer in material analysis.
YottabyteLarge data unit.
Yellow FeverInfectious viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes.
YellowstoneIconic American national park known for geothermal wonders.
YawInfectious disease studied forensically in epidemiology.
YeomanA skilled or dependable worker.
YouthThe early stage of life characterized by vigor, curiosity, and growth, typically referring to adolescence or young adulthood.

6th Grade Science Words With Y

Yersinia PestisBacterium causing plague.
YoctosecondOne septillionth of a second.
Yarn CountFiber thickness.
Yield CurveGraph showing interest rates over time.
Y-axis InterceptionPoint where a line crosses the y-axis.
YttriaOxide of yttrium, used in ceramics.
YottajouleUnit of energy, one septillion joules.
YellowcakeUranium concentrate used in nuclear fuel.
Young ScientistEarly-career researcher or student.
Yeast CellMicroscopic organism used in baking and brewing.
Yttrium OxideCompound used in electronics and ceramics.
Yolk MembraneMembrane surrounding the yolk of an egg.
Y-axis AsymptoteLine approached but never reached on the y-axis.
Yellow SoilSoil type rich in iron and aluminum oxides.
Yew TreeEvergreen tree with toxic seeds.
Youth ScienceStudy of science by young people.
Yawning ReflexInstinctive response to tiredness or boredom.
YeomanryHistoric cavalry or light infantry unit.

7th Grade Science Words With Y

YottameterLarge distance unit.
Yield stressDeformation point.
Yttrium Barium Copper OxideHigh-temperature superconductor.
Ytterbium LaserLaser using ytterbium for high-energy light emission.
Yaw-Pitch-RollMeasurement of rotational movements in 3D space.
Yeast FermentationProcess where yeast converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
Y-chromosome AnalysisStudy of genetic material determining male characteristics.
Yellow PhaseStage in material degradation marked by yellowing.
Yolk PlateletComponent of an egg yolk involved in nutrient storage.
YtterbiteMineral containing yttrium and other elements.
Young’s ExperimentDemonstration of light’s wave nature through interference.
Yield RatioRatio of output to input in a process or reaction.
Yarn-dyedFabric dyed before weaving, ensuring color integrity.
Yellow MarrowTissue producing blood cells in the early stages of life.
YouthfulnessQuality of being youthful or young in appearance or vigor.
YieldingnessWillingness to yield or give way under pressure.
YpsiliformShaped like the Greek letter upsilon (υ).
Yttrium-90Isotope used in medical treatments, particularly for cancer therapy.

8th Grade Science Words With Y

Young’s Modulus of ElasticityA measure of the stiffness of a material.
YottawattA measure of power equivalent to one septillion watts.
Yttrium-Aluminium-GarnetCrystal used in lasers for precise forensic spectroscopy.
Ytterbium Fiber AmplifierDevice enhancing forensic fiber optic signals.
YoctogramExtremely small unit in forensic mass measurements.
Yellowstone CalderaForensic study of volcanic geology.
Yttrium Iron GarnetMagnetic material used in forensic science.
YoctoliterMinuscule volume unit in forensic fluid analysis.
Yield ManagementForensic strategy optimizing resource usage.
Y-Chromosome HaplogroupsGenetic forensic markers for paternal lineage.
Yarn StrengthForensic assessment of textile durability.
Yellow BiotechnologyForensic study of biotech applications in environmental conservation.
Yoldia SeaPaleontological site of forensic interest.
Ytterbium DopedMaterial enhanced for forensic spectroscopic analysis.
Yearbook ScienceForensic study of historical scientific records.
YieldableFlexible forensic material or device.
Yeast GeneticsForensic study of genetic variations in yeast.
YottasecondExtremely long time unit in forensic chronology.

Science Words Starting With Y (By Subject):

Physics: Science Words With Y

Y-branchA type of waveguide junction.
YagiA type of directional antenna.
Y-junctionA branching point in waveguides.
YlemThe original substance of the universe in the Big Bang theory.
Y-factorMeasure of noise figure in systems.
Y-tubeA tube used in fluid dynamics experiments.
Y-gateA gate in semiconductor devices.
Y-rayA gamma ray, often represented by the Greek letter gamma (γ).
Y-filterA filter that affects the y component of a signal.
Y-loopA loop configuration in circuits or magnetic fields.
Yarkovsky EffectCausing small objects in space to drift.
Yb:Yag LaserA laser using yttrium aluminum garnet as the gain medium.
Young’s Interference ExperimentAnother term for the interference pattern in Young’s double-slit experiment.
Ytterbium ClockAn extremely precise atomic clock using ytterbium atoms.
YoctometerA unit of length equal to 10^-24 meters, used in forensic nanotechnology.
Yang-Mills TheoryA quantum field theory explaining fundamental interactions in forensic particle physics.
Yttrium GarnetA crystalline material used in forensic optics and laser technology.
Yocto WattA unit of power equal to 10^-24 watts, relevant in forensic energy measurements.

Chemistry: Science Words With Y

YlideCompound with opposite charges on adjacent atoms.
Yttrium Aluminum garnetSynthetic crystal.
Yttrium ChlorideYttrium salt.
Yttrium DopedRefers to materials with yttrium additives.
Yttrium ZirconateHigh-temperature ceramic.
Yttrium SilicateYttrium-based material.
Yttrium HydrideCompound of yttrium and hydrogen.
Yttrium TungstateInorganic compound.
Yttrium IsopropoxideOrgano Yttrium compound.
Yttrium CobaltateYttrium cobalt compound.
Yttrium TitanatePerovskite material.
Yttrium CodecaborideBoride compound.
Yttrium-86Radioisotope of yttrium.
Ytterbium OxideCompound used in forensic trace analysis for its distinctive spectroscopic properties.
Yield CoefficientRatio measuring material output relative to input in forensic industrial processes.
Ytterbium FluorideChemical compound analyzed in forensic material science for its unique crystalline structure.
Yttrium AlloyMetal composite studied in forensic metallurgy for its strength and corrosion resistance.
YottamoleUnit measuring extremely small amounts, essential in forensic nanotechnology and molecular analysis.

Biology: Science Words With Y

Yolk GranulesNutrient storage in eggs.
Yeti CrabDeep-sea crustacean.
YogurtFermented dairy product.
YggdrasilNorse tree of life
YautiaTropical root crop.
YarrowMedicinal plant.
YabbyFreshwater crustacean.
Y-mazeBehavioral test apparatus.
YeanGive birth (goats/sheep).
Yucca MothPollinating insect.
YellowhammerSpecies of bird.
Yew TaxineToxic alkaloid.
YodelVocal call (animal behavior).
YcleptArchaic term for “named.”
YinConcept in Chinese medicine.
Yuck FactorAversion response.
YaffleWoodpecker’s call.
YolkNutrient-rich part of an egg.

Math: Science Words With Y

Y-axisThe vertical axis in a graph or coordinate system.
Y-interceptWhere a line crosses the y-axis.
YerkesPsychological scale.
YauponPlant used historically.
YashmakFilter or cover.
YlemicRelated to ylem.
YankPull suddenly.
YardageLength in yards.
YottahertzFrequency unit.
YurtPortable dwelling.
YankeeAmerican colloquial term.
YareReady or nimble.
Y-coordinateEssential in forensic analysis of spatial relationships and geometric data.
Young’s InequalityMathematical inequality.
YardUnit of measurement.
YarmulkeReligious cap.
YottavoltHigh voltage unit.
YuleWinter festival.

Physical Science: Science Words With Y

Yaw RateThe rate of change of the yaw angle.
YuanChinese currency.
Yellow SupergiantA type of massive star in an intermediate phase.
Young’s Double-slit ExperimentDemonstrated the wave nature of light.
Yield SurfaceA concept in plasticity theory representing the stress at which yielding begins.
Yaw DamperA device used in aircraft to reduce oscillations around the vertical axis.
YttroceriteA mineral containing yttrium and cerium.
Young’s FringesThe pattern of light and dark bands observed in Young’s double-slit experiment.
YIG SphereA small sphere of yttrium iron garnet used in microwave technology.
YawedPast tense of yaw, relating to rotation around a vertical axis.
YacareA species of caiman, a reptile relevant in biological studies.
Yield LineLines that appear on a material at the yield point during deformation.
Yellow-green AlgaeA group of algae with yellow and green pigments.
Yagi ArrayAn antenna array composed of multiple Yagi–Uda antennas.
Yagi-Uda AntennaA directional antenna named after its inventors.
Y-channelIn digital video, the channel represents luminance information.
Yaw Sensor A device that measures yaw rate in vehicles.
Yaw AngleThe angle between a vehicle’s heading and its direction of travel.

Scientific Words: Science Words With Y

Y-chromosomeMale sex chromosome.
YohimbeAfrican tree bark stimulant.
YobibyteBinary data unit.
YanomamiIndigenous people of Amazon.
YarovizationStimulating seed germination.
YabaMethamphetamine drug variant.
YugolRussian term for coal.
YarageTurkish for tavern.
YokozunaHighest sumo wrestling rank.
YpresianEarly Eocene epoch.
Yotta-electronvoltOne septillion electron volts.
YersiniosisInfection caused by Yersinia.
YaleType of lock.
YojimboPerson hired for protection.
YawnTropical disease examined forensically.
YuccaDesert plant examined in forensic botany.
Y-axis SymmetryMirror image across the y-axis in forensic geometry.
YttriferousContaining yttrium.

Forensic Words with Y

YarnTextile analysis in forensic science.
Yankee ScrewdriverForensic tool for mechanics.
YachtingForensic analysis of maritime incidents.
YardlandHistorical land measure in forensic archaeology.
Yankee BondInternational financial instrument in forensic finance.
YakshaMythological figure studied in forensic cultural analysis.
Y-coordinateForensic study of mathematical coordinates.
Y-strainerTool for filtering debris from liquids in forensic analysis.
Yaw MarksTire marks indicating lateral movement, crucial in accident reconstruction.
Yearly Statistical ReportAnnual data compilation for forensic trends and analysis.
Y-incision (in autopsies)Autopsy procedure involving a Y-shaped cut to access internal organs.
Yellow Brown StainForensic evidence of discoloration indicating chemical reaction or age.
Yield Sign ImpressionForensic analysis of impressions left by yield signs.
Yellowness Index (in colorimetry)Measurement of color intensity, important in colorimetry.
Yoked Control (in experimental design)Experimental design with paired subjects to control variables.
Yolk DNA TestingGenetic analysis of DNA extracted from egg yolk for forensic purposes.
Yardstick MeasurementStandard tool for precise crime scene measurements.
Youthful Offender AnalysisStudy of criminal behavior among juvenile offenders.


Y-chromosome is passed only from father to son and therefore is used in DNA profiling to look at the male specific gene markers which is such an important factor in judging the paternal lineages in criminal cases

Young’s modulus provides information about how a material deforms in response to the applied stress, which is particularly important in forensic applications to assess the strength of the material and its ability to resist impacts or forces in different situations such as the accidents or during crimes.

Diagnostic examination of yaws and similar diseases requires etiological epidemiological research dedicated to charting the infection, establishing the strains, and providing preventive measures in the affected zones.

Yttrium is used in forensic spectroscopy to closely identify the elements within a sample and potential origins of the material.


This list of science words that start with the letter “Y” demonstrates the richness of people’s curiosity. From a yardstick that divides to a more granular level to the tap of a button that unlocks the yolk DNA, all the terms are a key that opens a door to mysteries in biology, physics, chemistry and everything in between. These words don’t only expand the viewer’s knowledge about the living environment but also reveal the idea behind numerous inventions in the sphere of science.

Accept the “Y” words as enablers of curiosity in this grand subject that is science so that learners appreciate and get intrigued by what science has to offer more and more. Also, if you’ve faced any confusion while reading this post, you can share with us by the help of the comment box. We’ll try our best to overcome your confusion in a short interval of time, so that you can boost your education. Lastly, thanks a lot for reading this post from the depth of the heart.

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