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Similes for People

30 Similes for People Appearance – In The World

There’re many similes in English which speak on particular occasions, but these’re especially used for people, because in the present age, people have different personalities due to their nature and habits. Similes for People, help to know people or humans related to their natures. Furthermore, these create intriguing and relatable dimensions to our conversation style.

Let’s start to explore the different nature of people.

Similes for People

1. “As Blind as a Bat”

Meaning: Not able to watch beautiful sight, or to be unsighted anything to do.

In the Example Sentence: In this class room, most of the students are like blind bats during reading, without glasses.

“As Blind as a Bat”

2. “As Hot as a Volcano”

Meaning: In very angry.

In the Example Sentence: When someone tries to cheat with him, he is red-faced as hot as a volcano.

3. “As High as a Kite”

Meaning: To be climb up huge goals in life.

In the Example Sentence: Everyone wants to fly as high as a kite to achieve the basic needs.

4. “As Curious as a Cat”

Meaning: Impatient to explore something or thirsty for understanding and education.

In the Example Sentence: When it comes to new adventures, Jon’s always ready to explore new things as curious as a cat.

5. “As Hungry as a Wolf”

Meaning: Symbol of ferocious starvation.

In the Example Sentence: When the marriage’s food was begun to open, everybody ran towards the food as hungry wolf.

6. “As Tough as Old Boots”

Meaning: Some people have powerful bones

In the Example Sentence: In our family, my grandfather is as tough as old boots because he eats healthy food.

7. “As Slight as a Feather”

Meaning: It’s used for those people who’ve low weight and who are weak.

In the Example Sentence: She’s so slim and weak that everyone says him as a feather.

“As Slight as a Feather”

8. “As Tall as a Giraffe”

Meaning: Unexpectedly huge tall.

In the Example Sentence: Ahmad is tall as a giraffe, sometimes he faces arduous steps to enter the rooms.

9. “As Hard As Nails”

Meaning: Very exciting and powerful.

In the Example Sentence: Everybody says that doctors’ hearts are so hard as nails, even they’ve never cried when someone’s died.

10. “As Brave as a Lion”

Meaning: The Sign of unexpecting power and fortitude.

In the Example Sentence: She faced all arduous situations bravely like a lion.

11. “As Playful as a Kitten”

Meaning: Full of overjoyed, entertainment and prankishness.

In the Example Sentence: Everybody knows in my family that my friend’s group is very famous in the school as a name of playfulness as a kitten.

12. “As Proud as a Peacock”

Meaning: Very boastful personality.

In the Example Sentence: After getting scholarship, his younger sister was feeling proud as a peacock, and also showing off to everybody.

13. “As Cold as Ice”

Meaning: To be extremely frozen.

In the Example Sentence: In the winter season, everybody is cold as ice, when they go for outings.

 14. “As Good as Gold”

Meaning: To have well-behaved with everyone.

In the Example Sentence: Everybody said on dinner, that his daughter is as good as gold because she respects her elders.

15. “As Slow as a Turtle”

Meaning: To express very laziness in movements or works.

In the Example Sentence: When we were going on tour, we faced a lot of traffic on the way, which was as slow as a turtle.

“As Slow as a Turtle”

16. “As Stubborn as a Mule”

Meaning: Very self-willed in nature.

In the Example Sentence: It’s no matter how much we try to alter him, because Talha is as stubborn as a mule to change his ego.

17. “As Sharp as a Tack”

Meaning: Extremely sharp in understanding, learning or writing.

In the Example Sentence: He’s a good learner, explorer and sharp student like a tack in this classroom.

18. “As Bold as Brass”

Meaning: Don’t fear by reaction.

In the Example Sentence: After a very long period, their child went to the school as bold as brass.

19. “As Daft as a Brush”

Meaning: Very stupid and inattentive.

In the Example Sentence: He’s daft as a brush because he lost her books daily.

“As Daft as a Brush”

20. “As Regular As Clockwork”

Meaning: To obey rules and time.

In the Example Sentence: She always does her job with honesty and also goes regularly as clockwork on her job.

21. “As Happy as a Lark”

Meaning: To express highly overjoyed and good-natured.

In the Example Sentence: When she completed her graduation, her parents felt happy like a lark.

22. “As Dull as Ditchwater”

Meaning: Uninteresting and not funny.

In the Example Sentence: Yesterday, I went to a party with my family. I had thought that, it’ll entertaining but it was dull as ditchwater.

23. “As Graceful as a Swan”

Meaning: Walks with magnificence and grace.

In the Example Sentence: In Fashion show, Elon’s catwalk was heart-touching or graceful as a swan.

24. “As Cunning as a Serpent”

Meaning: Astute and untrustworthy.

In the Example Sentence: In this company, most of the employees are cunning as a serpent, swindling people out of their money with smooth talk.

25. “As Slippery as an Eel”

Meaning: Arduous to catch or talk.

In the Example Sentence: After becoming a big man, trying to talk with him is as slippery as an eel.

 26. “As Strong as an Ox”

Meaning: Exceptionally physically strong.

In the Example Sentence: In younger age, some children show that they are strong as an ox and can lift weights and stay active.

As Strong as an Ox

27. “As Cool As a Cucumber”

Meaning: Never to express their feelings and even knowledge or emotion.

In the Example Sentence: When me and my friend entered the Chemistry Lab, every student was talking about the new teacher that this teacher was as cool as a cucumber.

28. “As Sly as a Fox”

Meaning: This’s used for someone who has a mastermind.

In the Example Sentence: During gossip, we noted that the mental health of Ayesha is best and crafty like a fox.

29. “As Quiet as a Mouse”

Meaning: Very calm or silent mood.

In the Example Sentence: When kids are watching cartoons, they’re quiet as a mouse and also not making a single sound.

30. “As Busy as a Bee”

Meaning: Highly hard working person.

In the Example Sentence: My younger sister is as busy as a bee during his exams in the study.


“He’s busy as a bee.” It means always not being hardworking, instead it means someone does many things at a time. Also, very busy man.

“As hot as a volcano.” It means someone is in a very angry condition, and also destroying everything to gain his needs.


We tried our best to give you “similes for describing people” to describe individuals in a way that is not only easy to understand but also unique and vivid. After this, if you have any issue to understand any similes, you can discuss with us through comments below. We’ll try to understand your issue and solve it in a short interval of time.Also, thanks for reading.

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