30 Similes For Fast And Quickness

Similes For Fast

Creative 30 Similes For Fast And Speedy Experiences of Life

Fast, a term that manifests rapidity, speed, efficiency, and agility, is often used to describe the rapid shorts of our modern world. Similes for fast make our conversations and narrated stories much more exciting and thrilling. Furthermore, these similes allow us to compare ordinary things or phenomena to something remarkable. Thus making our small talk very comprehensive.

Moreover, fastness has always fascinated humanity. It’s found in the nature of mankind to find easy and fastest ways though in technological ways or in daily life routines. Although, man has made such tools and gadgets to satisfy his desire for fastness, still we need these similes of fast to express the swiftness and speed in our language to make our talks professional.

To assert these similes related to fast in our daily life, let’s indulge in this article to explore the meanings and example sentences of the fast similes.

Similes For Fast

1. As Fast as Bee

Meaning: Highlight the significance of working together makes the work easier and rapid.

In the Example Sentence: The news of an exciting fashion show spread as fast as a bee, buzzing from one person to the next in no time.

2. “Speak as Fast as Auctioneer”

Meaning: Insinuates the rapidness in speaking just as an auctioneer.

In the Example Sentence: While selling the books on the road, the bookseller spoke as fast as the auctioneer to pay the attention of the reader.

3. “As Fast as Dolphin”

Meaning: Recommends the speed of a dolphin with that of a person.

In the Example Sentence: Marx was swimming as fast as a dolphin and was the winner for the last 3 consecutive years.

4. “Work as Fast as Robot”

Meaning: Indicates the fast speed and accuracy just as a robot.

In the Example Sentence: During the documentary, the flowers had been plucked by the gardener in a tricky way just as fast as a robot.

Work as Fast as Robot

5. “As Fast as Machine Gun”

Meaning: Evinces the sprightly movement of the object.

In the Example Sentence: As the judge asked about the widow, the question of trust arose as fast as a machine gun among the family.

6. “Moves Fast as Cheetah”

Meaning: Points to the speed of the fastest animal on land.

In the Example Sentence: Austen sprinted in the field, her legs jumping like those of a cheetah chasing its prey.

7. “Throws a Ball like a Cannon”

Meaning: Puts forward the fastness and powerfulness.

In the Example Sentence: The trees were cut by the hammer of a strong man like a cannonball, calling no one for help.

8. “Dances like Lightning”

Meaning: Suggests the fast and energetic phenomena.

In the Example Sentence: Martha, the queen of dance, danced like lightning with her mesmerizing steps on the second floor.

9. “Swims like Fish”

Meaning: This simile compares the fluidity and speed.

In the Example Sentence: The CEO of the office worked day and night to smoothly run the business, and swim like a fish.

10. “Runs like Wind”

Meaning: Manifests the speed of a person with that of wind.

In the Example Sentence: The whole team worked together, regardless of their clashes to run like wind and win the match.

11. “Fast as Bullet Train”

Meaning: Throws the glimpse of fast conveys that take the passengers within a very short interval.

In the Example Sentence: As we found the horses in the forest, we reached the castle as fast as the bullet train traveled.

Fast as Bullet Train

12. “Quick as Drew Evaporating”

Meaning: Intimates the quick change or disappears just as dewdrop becomes sightless.

In the Example Sentence: The weather had changed as quickly as dew evaporation by the arrival of a sudden wave of cold.

 13. “Fast as the Sun Setting”

Meaning: Intimates the beauty of some happening that ends very soon just the dipping of the sun below the horizon.

In the Example Sentence: The wool shirt had been knitted by her delicate hands as fast as the sun setting in the evening.

14. “Speedy as a Lava Flow”

Meaning: Suggest the unstoppable movement when it starts once.

In the Example Sentence: Although, my intention wasn’t wrong but when she listened to my words, she wept as speedy as a lava flow.

15. “Speedy as a Falling Star”

Meaning: Highlights some fascinating phenomena that happen instantly and disappear.

In the Example Sentence: Their conflict of relationship arose by the interruption of another girl and ended as speedy as a falling star.

Speedy as a Falling Star

16. “Fast as a Curveball”

Meaning: Demonstrates the quickness and deceptive bit.

In the Example Sentence: As we arrived at her home, we met her family and we found all of them fast as a curveball due to hunger cravings.

17. “Rapid as Ping Pong Rally”

Meaning: Advocates not only fastness but also the sense of being alert.

In the Example Sentence: Maggie performed as a rapid ping pong rally while making the symphony of music through her creativity and self-confidence.

18. “Quick as Jumping Kangaroo”

Meaning: Propounds the covering of great distances in short intervals of time.

In the Example Sentence: Although, the way of the race was very difficult to achieve but my car ran quickly as a jumping kangaroo and won the race.

19. “Rapid as a Scurrying Mouse”

Meaning: Intimates the condition when someone acts rapidly while searching for something important.

In the Example Sentence: Mostly, people often prefer their excited activity prior just as rapidly as a scurrying mouse to fulfill their souls.

20. “As Fast as Jackrabbit”

Meaning: Indicates the fastly moving speed trying to escape.

In the Example Sentence: The children of the street ran as fast as jackrabbits after ringing the doorbell as a prank on our house.

As Fast as Jackrabbit

21. “Rapid as a Hummingbird”

Meaning: Moving freely in agility drawing the rapid movement of a hummingbird.

In the Example Sentence: Her best friend was talking rapidly as a hummingbird just to lessen the confusion she possessed about education.

22. “Quick as a Thought”

Meaning: Signifies the steadfastness of happening just as the thoughts.

In the Example Sentence: Due to her strong determination, she answered all the answers as quickly as a thought in the class.

23. “Fast as a Whirlwind”

Meaning: Intimates the incredible intensity and speed.

In the Example Sentence: After the construction of the office building, the news of vacancies spread as fast as a whirlwind.

24. “Fast as a Rollercoaster”

Meaning: Proponds the sudden changes that are extremely fast just as a rollercoaster.

In the Example Sentence: While getting a chance to quit his job, Stephen became as fast as a rollercoaster and admitted this chance.

 25. “Quick as a Flash”

Meaning: Indicates the rapid happening of some phenomena.

In the Example Sentence: As Martha saw roses on the road, she acted quickly as a flash and went there to buy for her husband.

26. “Speedy as a Jet”

Meaning: Determines the quickness like a fighting jet.

In the Example Sentence: The children got speedy as a jet on seeing the ice cream van and left their parents in excitement during the walk.

27. “Rapid as a River”

Meaning: Advocates the swift moving of something like that of moving water.

In the Example Sentence: On seeing the grass, the crowd of cows moved as rapidly as a river to suppress their hunger.

Rapid as a River

28. “Swift as a Panther”

Meaning: Demonstrates the movement of something with agility and stealth like a panther.

In the Example Sentence: The lion moved swiftly as a panther towards his prey during the silent and dark hours of the night in the jungle.

29. “Fast as a Tornado Car”

Meaning: Indicates something that moves very speedily and powerfully like a tornado.

In the Example Sentence: The news of a new comic book spread among children as fast as a tornado car in the city.

30. “Like a Scalded Cat”

Meaning: Making a sense of urgency that moves rapidly.

In the Example Sentence: When he came to know about the time in the morning, he moved like a scalded cat to reach the time in the office.


We all face such circumstances in our lives where our hearts beat very fast, due to feelings of love, fear, and anxiety e.g. Here are some examples where we can use these similes of heartbeat.

  • Heart beating like a drum
  • Heart beating like a wild animal
  • Heart beating like the fist of a thousand zombies
  • Heart beating like a jackhammer

Yes, this is a simile. Here is an example sentence to prove this. ‘Nora wrote as fast as she could’. So this shows the simile with an example sentence.


Similes for fast make the language very efficient and reliable which adds the exhilarating feelings of fastness and rapidness in our conversations and writings. Moreover, through the lens of these smiles, we came to know that these are not just numerical values but the visceral experience that connects the pulses of life with rapid currents. As we embrace these similes related to fast, they propel us into a realm where words become vehicles of sensation.

Furthermore, after reading this article, try to cope with the difficulties you find while learning about efficient language through these similes related to fast. Also, try to impose these similes in your daily life routine. If you find any problem while understanding the similes of fast, you may ask in the comment section given below. Grateful to you for reading this article from the depth of your heart.

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