30 Similes For Dumb Uselessness

Similes For Dumb

Collection of 30 Best Similes For Dumb That Tell the Personalities

Do you also face problems when describing people who are devoid of intelligence? So, we recommend you read these similes for dumb and use them to describe the personalities of those people who dumb, devoid of intelligence and foolishness. Furthermore, using derogatory language to describe intelligence can be offensive and perpetuate negative stereotypes.

Let’s explore those similes for dumb which add a touch of vividness and humor to describing someone or something as “dumb,” making the comparisons more engaging and memorable.

Similes For Dumb

1. “As Blind As a Mole”

Meaning: Portraying someone which is unaware or oblivious.

In the Example Sentence: After marriage, the big son of this family becomes blind as a mole about his major responsibilities.

2. “As Empty-headed as a Balloon Without Air”

Meaning: This simile conveys the idea of someone being lacking in intelligence.

In the Example Sentence: Nobody believes in his thoughts, just as a balloon without air is empty, he’s considered empty-headed.

3. “Like a Snail on Sedatives”

Meaning: Emphasizes an exceptionally slow movement.

In the Example Sentence: Picture a snail on sedatives, already a slow creature, moving even more sluggishly due to sedatives.

4. “As Silly as a Goose”

Meaning: Referring to someone acting in a goofy or foolish manner.

In the Example Sentence: When his partner had forgotten the dancing steps of the performance on the stage, he’s looking silly as a goose that’s why everybody was laughing at him in the dancing hall.

5. “Like a Fish Out of Water”

Meaning: To be stuck in a difficult situation.

In the Example Sentence: Some people need to live in a familiar environment like a fish out of water, so that they can improve themselves.

Like a Fish Out of Water

6. “Like a Turtle in a Speed-dating Event”

Meaning: Humorously emphasizes someone’s lack of agility or quick thinking.

In the Example Sentence: His younger brother is progressing at an agonizingly slow pace like a turtle in a speed-dating event which isn’t acceptable at all in modern age.

7. “Dull as a Butter Knife”

Meaning: To be lacking intelligence and foolishness.

In the Example Sentence: The sister-in-law shows her intelligent personality in every talk, but in reality she’s empty of mind like a dull butter knife.

8. “Dumber Than Dirt”

Meaning: Profoundly unintelligent or foolish.

In the Example Sentence: Everyone feels very embarrassed and dirty during make a relationship with him from his dumber style.

9. “Crazy As a Loon”

Meaning: To be irrational behavior.

In the Example Sentence: Churchill after marriage behaves with everybody crazy as a loon because he’s lost his love.

10. “Dumber Than a Sack of Hair”

Meaning: Emphasizes the shortage of smartness.

In the Example Sentence: Their younger son is very innocent in a clever world, that’s why his friends call him by saying a dumber than a sack of hair.

11. “As Slow as a One-legged Dog”

Meaning: Conveys extreme slowness and difficulty.

In the Example Sentence: When he’s sick, he’s not able to prepare for the exam or test and feels himself slow as a one-legged dog in a race.

As Slow as a One-legged Dog

12. “As Slow as Molasses”

Meaning: To describe something or someone moving at an incredibly slow pace.

In the Example Sentence: Molasses thickens in cold temperatures, so you can imagine how slow it would be in the chilly month of January.

 13. “As Stubborn as a Mule”

Meaning: Describing someone with a strong-willed.

In the Example Sentence: His wife tries to convince him as stubborn as a mule to fulfill the important or unimportant wishes in every way.

14. “Like a Bee in a Bonnet”

Meaning: The buzzing energy and potential for chaos are implied.

In the Example Sentence: After waiting a long time, she’s excited or agitated to gain her promotion like a bee in a bonnet.

15. “Dumber Than a Box of Rocks”

Meaning: Remarkably unintelligent or obtuse.

In the Example Sentence: Elon lacks intelligence or common sense as a box of rocks, being inanimate objects, are not known for their smarts.

16. “Dumber Than a Box of Hammers”

Meaning: To indicate Remarkably unintelligent or foolish.

In the Example Sentence: On her turn, she presented herself as very idiotic and dumber than a box of hammers like she knows nothing about what she’s doing.

17. “Dumb as a Stump”

Meaning: Severely lacking in mental acuity.

In the Example Sentence: When the teacher asked him to solve the math problem on the board, he’s fully surprised and looked like a dumb stump.

18. “Like a Ship in Dry Dock”

Meaning: Suggests a lack of progress or forward movement.

In the Example Sentence: When the hunter cut the feather of the birds, it feels like the ship is in dry dock, it’s not in the water and unable to move.

Like a Ship in Dry Dock

19. “As Scarce as Hen’s Teeth”

Meaning: Illustrating extreme rarity.

In the Example Sentence: Her memories are very scarce as hen’s teeth in her life but then also she shows herself very brave and tries to be happy.

20. “As Confused as a Chameleon”

Meaning: To convey a state of confusion or disorientation.

In the Example Sentence: The rich men change color to blend in, so that everybody being in a bag of colorful skittles would be confused to see them.

21. “Like a Broken Record”

Meaning: Repeating the same mistake or statement over and over, akin to a broken vinyl record playing the same segment.

In the Example Sentence: She keeps complaining about her job, sounding like a broken record with no intention of changing anything.

22. “Like a Ship Without a Rudder”

Meaning: To not be able to give direction or guidance.

In the Example Sentence: After losing her trust, she’s no importance in the work, like a ship without a rudder, so without trust, she’s aimless.

23. “As Dry as a Bone”

Meaning: Illustrating extreme dryness in nature.

In the Example Sentence: After heartbreak, his younger sister never trusts him, even treats very ruddy behavior with him every time like dry as a bone.

24. “As Useful as a Screen Door”

Meaning: This simile highlights the shortage of practicality or usefulness in a given situation.

In the Example Sentence: We realized that a screen door on a submarine would be utterly useless and counterproductive when we reached that point.

 25. “As Flat as a Pancake”

Meaning: Emphasizing a lack of elevation or height.

In the Example Sentence: In the debates, her voice is very slow and flat as a pancake in a huge crowd.

As Flat as a Pancake

26. “As Slow as a 3-toed Sloth on a Caffeine-Free Day”

Meaning: Suggests a lack of energy or movement.

In the Example Sentence: When you combine the 2 things like sloth and caffeine-free, you get an image of extreme slowness which looks to like wonderful but in reality it’s very bad.

27. “As Sly As a Fox”

Meaning: Portraying someone clever and cunning.

In the Example Sentence: He gives great ideas to the company for progress, because his mind is as sly as a fox.

28. “As Happy As a Clam”

Meaning: Expressing pure joy and contentment.

In the Example Sentence: Everybody looked happy as a clam at high water in the party, because each person in the party took part in interesting activity.

29. “As Clueless as a Cat”

Meaning: To be unaware of potential dangers.

In the Example Sentence: Cats typically avoid situations where they could get hurt, so if one is clueless in a room full of rocking chairs, they can get stuck in major difficulty.

As Clueless as a Cat

30. “As Clear As Mud”

Meaning: When something is confusing or unclear, just like muddy water.

In the Example Sentence: His ideas and thoughts are clear as mud which are arduous to understand.


Some common synonyms of dumb are crass, dense, dull, and stupid. While all these words mean “lacking in power to absorb ideas or impressions,” dumb applies to an exasperating obtuseness or lack of comprehension.


When it comes to describing someone’s intelligence or lack thereof, and if you’re looking for similes to express simplicity or lack of intelligence in a more neutral way, here are best alternatives or similes for dumb which you can use in your daily life. 

At last, we tried our best to convey the best collection of similes about dumb in an easy way. However, if you’ve faced any problem while understanding these similes, you can share your problem with us through the help of comments box. We’ll try our best to solve your problem in a short interval of time. Also, Thanks a lot for reading this article.

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