30 Metaphors For Conflict And Power Struggle

Metaphors For Conflict

30 Metaphors For Conflict Which Used By Students in Daily Life

Are you also stuck in such confusion about how to overcome the conflict? So, read these “metaphors for conflict” word by word with full concentration, because we’ve been discussing the metaphors we use for conflict, with each unique meaning and best use in example sentences.

Besides, if you want to know the deep meaning of conflict, hear that conflict is like a short plant, if not managed well, it spreads everywhere in the earth which is very dangerous for everyone. On the other hand, if we check it regularly, we can overcome the conflict strongly and easily.

Furthermore, we’ll start now to explore more ways to navigate difficult conversations with agility and skill with our conflict resolution newsletter.

Metaphors For Conflict

1. “Stormy Seas”

Meaning: implies that the conflict may be destructive or tumultuous.

In the Example Sentence: When he is hungry, his anger looks like stormy seas which destroy every things.

2. “Rumble in the Echo Chamber”

Meaning: Conflicts reverberate through the echo chamber of opposing opinions.

In the Example Sentence: When he knew the cheat of his younger sister, his silence made a rumble in the echo chamber.

3. “Cracked Mirror”

Meaning: Reflecting the fractured state of a relationship after a disagreement.

In the Example Sentence: When his best friend broke his trust, his heartbreak feels like a cracked mirror, which isn’t easy to connect again.

4. “Clash of Titans”

Meaning: That battle which wants to take dominance.

In the Example Sentence: When powerful forces collide, it’s a battle of giants striving for dominance.

5. “Sharp Tongue”

Meaning: Words can cut deep, like a knife in the heat of an argument.

In the Example Sentence: His relatives are so stressed about his sharp tongue because when he starts to talk, nobody can compete with him.

Sharp Tongue

6. “Conflict is a Big Lesson”

Meaning: Can use it for one downside as to answer someone in a blameful way.

In the Example Sentence: His younger sister has understood nobody is able to trust, in this selfish world. In short, she got a big lesson after a conflict of cheats.

7. “Wounded Pride”

Meaning: Sometimes pride can lash out in conflict.

In the Example Sentence: A wounded pride animal wants to kill many short animals and become a king of forest which is impossible.

8. “A Slippery Slope”

Meaning: Very difficult to control or overcome in conflict.

In the Example Sentence: Her unrest felt like a slippery slope, with each incident pushing the situation closer to chaos.

9. “Fork in the Road”

Meaning: A decision must be made, leading to disagreement.

In the Example Sentence: The extreme enemy created between the two people was building toward a fork in the road at the upcoming championship.

Fork in the Road

10. “Locked Horns”

Meaning: Symbolizing a fierce disagreement.

In the Example Sentence: After a big misunderstanding, our family is facing very locked horns which sometimes also become the reason for the breakup of a relationship.

11. “Twisted Roots”

Meaning: Sometimes, conflict can tangle relationships.

In the Example Sentence: When the autumn season appears, the leaves of tree break, and fall on the earth and its roots twist and become gnarled beneath the surface.

12. “A Game of Cat and Mouse”

Meaning: This metaphor tells us that the conflict is characterized by a constant back-and-forth as each party tries to gain the upper hand.

In the Example Sentence: He’s always ready to watch the cartoon of tom and jerry in which a game is reveled of cat and mouse.

 13. “Conflict is Problem”

Meaning: To indicate towards a huge issue that grows in a dangerous phase.

In the Example Sentence: He always helps others by pointing out conflict problems that can bring a very dangerous moment in their life.

14. “A Chess Game”

Meaning: It implies that to do intellectual and careful planning.

In the Example Sentence: The negotiation process was like a high-stakes chess game, with each move calculated to gain the upper hand.

A Chess Game

15. “Hostile Chessboard”

Meaning: A sign of no unity.

In the Example Sentence: As a chess game with no allies is a hostile chessboard, every move is a strategic maneuver to gain an advantage.

16. “Thunderous Disagreement”

Meaning: To be high or clash so intensely.

In the Example Sentence: When someone has a thunderous disagreement from anyone, it resonates like thunder in the air.

17. “A Tempest in a Teapot”

Meaning: Suggests minor or insignificant conflict which can easily be solved.

In the Example Sentence: The disagreement over the office coffee maker was nothing more than a tempest in a teapot, with colleagues arguing passionately over a trivial matter.

18. “Broken Compass”

Meaning: Losing direction in a connection due to conflicting interests.

In the Example Sentence: His instruction of the key point proved a broken compass for everyone.

19. “Conflict is a Competition”

Meaning: This approach leaves debris behind and ultimately creates lasting friction.

In the Example Sentence: Everyone wants to achieve the conflict of competition at every cost, so that they can stand in the better position of the world.

Conflict is a Competition

20. “A House on Fire”

Meaning: A sign of an extremely volatile situation.

In the Example Sentence: The goal has changed into a house on fire for those people who are very innocent, and who have no fault in the cruel.

21. “Conflict is an Iceberg”

Meaning: Refers to the hidden causes of conflict.

In the Example Sentence: Some people do those things from which no one can understand what they do, like the conflict is an iceberg.

22. “Battlefront of Beliefs”

Meaning: Conflicting ideologies stand as soldiers on the battlefront of belief systems.

In the Example Sentence: The battlefront of beliefs between the two companies for control of the lucrative oil field was a fierce tug of war over resources.

23. “A Race to the Bottom”

Meaning: This metaphor suggests that the parties are competing against each other in a way that is destructive or harmful, and that the conflict is driven by a desire to outdo the other party at any cost.

In the Example Sentence: The price wars between the two retail giants had turned into a race to the bottom, with both slashing prices to the detriment of their profits.

24. “Conflict is a Tree”

Meaning: The roots of trees refer to the root causes.

In the Example Sentence: This company prey of conflict of the stem is the problem which become the difficult obstacle in way of progress.

 25. “A Powder Keg”

Meaning: To present in that situation which is volatile and likely to explode into conflict at any moment.

In the Example Sentence: When we reached the party, there was heated debate spread everywhere which looked like a powder keg, and everyone were waiting for a spark to fight further.

26. “Confrontation Symphony”

Meaning: Very unique things.

In the Example Sentence: Conflicts create a cacophony confrontation symphony, from each note representing a clash of opposing forces.

27. “Strategic Strife”

Meaning: To be a great thought.

In the Example Sentence: Engaging in conflict requires strategic thinking, much like a military campaign.

Strategic Strife”

28. “Verbal Showdown”

Meaning: A symbol of arguments becomes a showdown.

In the Example Sentence: We reached that place where words are the weapons of choice like a verbal showdown.

29. “Echoing Silence”

Meaning: The aftermath of a heated argument can leave a profound, lingering silence.

In the Example Sentence: The negotiations had reached a point of return, and it was clear echoing silence that a face-off between the two leaders was inevitable.

30. “Burning Bridges”

Meaning: To use for someone who works to break the relation.

In the Example Sentence: He told me that his father’s sister mostly plays the role of burning bridges in the family.


The most common metaphor for the power struggle is a game of tug of war. Once you have “picked up the rope,” you’ve found yourself in a battle with two potential outcomes, neither of which is positive.


These metaphors for conflict are very helpful which tell us that it influences how we think, act, and resolve it. In short, sometimes conflict, in all its forms and complexities, can often be challenging to express in words, but this worry will also be solved by these metaphors related to conflict when you read them attentively. Now, it totally depends on you how you use these metaphors to describe the conflict in a unique style.

Furthermore, each metaphor provides a unique perspective, shedding light on the dynamics, intensity, and intricacies of conflicts. Also, if you’ve faced any issue while understanding these metaphors, you can share them with us by writing your issue in the comment box. We’ll try our best to solve your issue in a short interval of time. Besides, thanks a lot for reading.

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